MSNBC Host Katie Phang’s Stance on Abortion Rights and Motherhood

Katie Phang isn't pregnant as of this writing, and the rumors started because she spoke about the decision to ban abortion in Florida.

MSNBC’s show host Katie Phang is fearless when it comes to sharing her opinion regarding pregnancy and abortion.

Back in April, while giving her views about reproductive rights in Florida, she gave her voice to support the uplift of the abortion ban in Florida.

Her statement quickly traveled around the internet, and some people quickly began wondering if Katie was pregnant at the time.

However, the reality is Katie isn’t pregnant as of this writing.

And all the news regarding her getting pregnant is nothing but a baseless rumor.

Key Takeaways

  • Katie Phang isn’t pregnant as of this writing, and the rumors started because she spoke about the decision to ban abortion in Florida.
  • The talented host has a daughter named Charlotte, whom she loves dearly.
  • Katie advocates for all the women in her official X handle.

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have children.

The talented host has a beautiful daughter named Charlotte, with her husband, Jonathon Feldman.

Born in 2015, Charolette is currently 9 years old.

The popular host has an immense love for her daughter.

Back in 2022, when the horrible incident at Parkland School occurred, she got scared for her daughter.

Later on, she called her daughter to know about her whereabouts, and her daughter reassured her, saying she knew how to be safe from a bad man with g*n.

Katie revealed the whole experience using her official X handle.

But this isn’t the first time she has shared her views on matters related to children or abortion using her social media handles.

Katie Phang Acts As The Advocate For The Women

Back in 2021, she shared a story of Cori Bush.

While reposting a tweet, she briefly summarized what had happened to Cori.

As per her, Cori had to go through an abortion at 19 years old. And she got pregnant because she was r*ped.

The brilliant host tagged Cori and thanked her for sharing her story to the world.

Moreover, back when COVID was creating havoc in health systems around the world, Katie had become a sort of advocate for pregnant women facing health problems during that time.

Like a true journalist, she criticized the Trump governance and asked difficult questions to them.

She brought critical stories into the limelight that managed to educate many pregnant women during those difficult days.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Katie Phang is a lawyer by profession.
  • Katie Phang also hosts a show with Kevin O’Leary named Money Court.


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