Nava Mau Supportive Parents Is The Pillars Of Her Success

Nava Mau's family always knew that she was trans. When Nava was in high school, they encouraged her to come out in public.

If you are craving some comic relief, then Netflix’s recent release, Baby Reindeer, is a must-watch for you.

The performance showcased by the excellent cast will surely amaze you. The role of Teri, played by the talented actress Nava Mau, will especially make you laugh.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nava Mau’s parents, Gabriel Navarro and Rae-Ellen Navarro, were originally from Mexico but migrated to San Antonio, Texas in search of better opportunities.
  • Nava’s parents were supportive of her identity as a trans woman, encouraging her to come out during her high school years.
  • Nava’s parents provided a supportive home environment, especially during the initial stages of her acting career when she faced challenges.

If you aren’t a huge cinephile like us, then you might not know who Nava Mau is.

So let us give you a quick intro about her:

Mauricio Navarro, better known as Nava Mau, is a trans actress born in Mexico. The talented actress got fame from her role in the hit series Generation.

In some way, we can say that she is slowly becoming the light-bearer for the trans community in the Hollywood industry.

However, being a trans comes with a lot of challenges, and to overcome those challenges, the support of the parents plays a vital role.

So today, we are going to talk about those amazing parents of the Nava Mau whose continuos support made her the the person she is today.

Nava Mau Parents Are Originally From Mexico

Born to father Gabriel Navarro and mother Rae-Ellen Navarro, her parents were originally from Mexico.

However, in search of a better opportunity, the couple decided to migrate to San Antonio, Texas.

Nava was very young when they made a shift to another country. The early part of Nava's childhood was spent in San Antonio. 

Professionally, Nava’s father, Gabriel, was an accountant.

On the other hand, Nava’s mother, Rae-Ellen, was a counselor and a teacher.

She received a BA degree from The University of Connecticut. Furthermore, she taught Spanish in various high schools.

Nava Mau’s family always knew that she was trans. When Nava was in high school, they encouraged her to come out in public.

This bold decision shaped the mind of the talented actress which is why she suggests all the upcoming trans talents to be honest with their true form to everyone.

Her parents knew that she would have a tough road ahead in LA.

So they always ensured that Mau had a home to return to whenever she needed it.

During the initial stages of her career, when she had no way out, she did seek comfort in her home.

However, with time, Mau found some success in her career and is now impressing critics and fans around the world.


What Is Nava Mau’s Background?

Nava Mau is a Mexican-born actress, director, producer and writer. She was born on May 14, 1992, in Mexico City.

How Did Nava Mau Get Her Start In Acting?

Nava Mau’s first major role came through an Instagram DM for the HBO series Genera+ion in 2019.

What Is Nava Mau Known For?

Nava Mau is known for being a multi-talented artist working in various creative roles. She is also a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

What Upcoming Projects Does Nava Mau Have?

Nava Mau has an upcoming project called “All the Words But the One” where she is the director, writer and a lead actress.

How Has Nava Mau’s Identity Influenced Her Work?

As a trans woman, Nava Mau feels a strong connection to roles and stories that authentically represent the transgender experience.


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