Neil Gaiman And Scarlett, His Kid’s Former Nanny, Were In A Relationship For Three Weeks

Neil Gaiman is accused of making non-consensual physical contact with his kid's former Nanny, Scarlett.

Recently, Neil Gaiman was accused of doing horrifying deeds to his son’s former nanny, Scarlet.

Key Takeaways

  • Neil Gaiman is accused of making non-consensual physical contact with his kid’s former Nanny, Scarlett.
  • The other unnamed girl, named K, also accused Neil of misconduct.
  • Neil denies all the allegations made against him.

This news has shocked the entire writing community. Meanwhile, Neil Gaiman is currently denying all the allegations made against him.

The whole incident was first covered in the Tortoise’s original podcast “Master: the allegations against Neil Gaiman,” which was released on Wednesday.

They covered the whole story in 4 episodes: The Bath, the WhatsApps, The Pond, and The Fan.

The first woman to come forward and talk about the issue was a 23-year-old girl named Scarlett, who was also a nanny for Gaiman’s kids.

What Did Neil Gaiman Do To His Kid’s Nanny, Scarlet, And His Ex-Girlfriend K?

As the story goes, Neil Gaiman and Scarlett first met with each other in February 2022.

From the moment Neil met her, he had an ill intention towards her.

In fact, as per Scarlett, it was during their first meeting that Gaiman made non-consensual physical contact in his bath at his New Zealand residence.

Furthermore, Scarlett also said that she was in a relationship with Neil for three long weeks.

During that time, Neil violated personal boundaries on numerous occasions.

As per Scarlett, Neil was merciless, and at one point in time, she lost consciousness due to the unbearable pain caused by their physical relationship.

However, Scarlett wasn’t the only girl who came forward to reveal this horrifying case.

Another girl named K also accused Neil of non-consensual physical contact.

K and Neil met during the book signing in Florida in 2003.

Soon after their meeting, they started a relationship.

As per K, she endured rough and painful physical contact that she neither wanted nor enjoyed.

In addition to that, she accused Neil of forcing her to have intercourse despite having a painful urinal infection.

Furthermore, as per The New Zealand Herald, Neil forced them to call him “master.”

Neil Gaiman’s Take On His Allegations

Since the time this news went viral, Neil Gaiman has constantly denied all of the rumors.

Neil Gaiman said the physical relationship between him and Scarlett was consensual.

He further added that they only cuddled and made out.

In addition to that, during their 3 weeks of physical relationship, Neil admitted to the digital p*netration.

However, as per Neil, every action he indulged in was through consent.

He further added to Tortoise Media that Scarlett is going through a medical condition that involves false memories.

But as per Tortoise Media, there are proofs of chats and reports that go against Neil.

The Police complaint of the misconduct was already lodged in 2022.

However, as per the police, investigating such cases takes time.

On the other hand, in the case of K, Neil believes that her claims are influenced by her regrets about their relationship.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Gaiman is famous for writing The Sandman┬ácomic book series.
  • Until recently, Neil was known for producing the Netflix series Dead Boy Detectives.


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