Passing the Torch: Noel Biderman’s Parental Teachings

On the other hand, his mother Karen, has much more influence in the life of Noel.

Noel Biderman, the former CEO of Ashley Madison, is originally from Toronto and was born to Jewish parents.

You all probably remember the data breach of Ashley Madison; it broke countless homes, and some even took their own lives.

This real-life incident has been the subject of many documentaries in the recent past.

Key Takeaways

  • Noel Biderman is the former CEO of Ashley Madison and resigned shortly after the data breach incident.
  • Noel’s grandparents from the father’s side were Holocaust survivors.
  • The former CEO transfers his life teachings from his mother, Karen, to his children.

Noel was born to a Jewish father and mother, Karen Biderman.

Noel’s grandfather from the father’s side was a holocaust survivor. Besides that, there is not much information about his father or his family, as his father and mother were separated during his early childhood.

On the other hand, his mother Karen, has much more influence in the life of Noel.

Due to her support, he completed his education at the University of California.

After years of separation, Karen found love again, and she is now happily married to Jerry Biderman.

Currently, Karen resides in the United States. She occasionally meets up with her other son, Sandor Biderman, and his wife, Shandor Biderman.

The talented businessman himself learned a lot from his mother as he used his mother’s teaching to raise his children.

Noel Biderman Is A Father Of Two Himself

Noel Biderman got married to Amanda Biderman in 2003.

Amanda is originally from South Africa, and her background in marketing helped Noel establish Ashley Maddison.

The power couple has two children together.

Per Amanda, she is raising both of her children according to the Jewish tradition.

Even though the current whereabouts of the kids and Amanda are unknown, it is safe to assume that Noel has learned his lessons from the Ashley Maddison incident.

In Case You Didn’t Knew

  • Noel Biderman has a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School.
  • The former entrepreneur was a football, basketball, and volleyball player.
  • Noel currently serves as the CEO of Avenue Insights.


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