Pursuit To Find Love Made Jason Dessen Kidnap Jason Dessen In Dark Matter

Physics, Multiverse, and an unwavering love for a family, it seems like the upcoming TV series Dark Matter has found the perfect recipe to make the blockbuster series.

The series, heavily based on the New York Times bestselling novel Dark Matter, mainly focuses on the life of Chicago-based college professor Jason Dessen.

Key Takeaways

  • Jason Dessen was a former scientist and current college professor who sacrificed his career to be with his wife, Daniela.
  • After returning from his friend’s celebratory party, Jason was abducted and taken to the science lab.
  • The person who abducted Jason was Jason himself, from another universe, who wanted to see what would have happened if he had chosen love instead of a career.

Dessen, who has dedicated his entire life to his family, loses everything in one night.

One needs to cast a very talented actor to portray such a complicated character.

The casting directors from Dark Matter understood the assignment, and they hired Joel Edgerton to play Jason Dessen.

In addition to Edgerton, the series features talented individuals like Jennifer Connelly, Oakes Fegley, Alice Braga, and Jimmi Simpson.

Now, before its release on Apple TV+ on 8th May 2024, let’s discuss what actually happens to Jason Dessen in the Novel.

What Happened To Jason Dessen In The Novel?

Before we tell you what happens to Jason, let us warn you that it contains major spoilers from the novel and possibly the upcoming series.

With that being said, let’s get back to the topic.

The story starts in the kitchen of Jason Dessen’s home, where Jason is cooking with his wife, Daniela.

Series Fact: The role of Daniela is played by Jennifer Connely in the series.

And their teenage son, Charlie, is drawing at the kitchen table.

Series Fact: Role of Charlie is played by the actor Oakes Fegley in the series.

In a beautiful family moment, Dessen’s wife forces him to attend his friend Ryan Holder’s celebratory party.

Series Fact: Ryan Holder is played by the actor Jimmi Simpson.

At this moment, we learned that Jason was also a former scientist. But he gave up on his dream to start a family.

And his wife, Daniela also gave up on her dream of being an artist to be with her husband.

After being forced to attend the party for quite a long time, Jason agrees.

However, Jason is kidnapped and taken to the advanced scientific facility while returning from the party.

Who Kidnapped Jason And What Happened Next?

As soon as Jason wakes, he is greeted by the facility’s employees like an old acquaintance.

But shockingly, Dessen doesn’t know anyone from the facility and gets freaked.

With an aim to find his home, he sneaks out of the window.

Finally, after having a weird day, he gets home but finds no sign of his wife and kid.

Weirdly, the existence of his family in his home is omitted.

With an anxious mind, he starts researching and finds his wife’s number listed under her maiden name in a phonebook.

After a while, he learns that his wife is hosting an art exhibition and decides to go there.

However, his wife doesn’t have a memory of them being married. In fact, according to her version of the story, the couple broke up after she confessed to her pregnancy to Jason.

Just as the couple was on the brink of reunion, his wife is shot, and Jason is dragged back to the facility.

He is told that he invented a box that could travel in different multi-verses.

To everyone’s shock, Jason himself from another universe kidnapped him and brought him to another defense.

Later, we learned that Jason from Multiverse 2 wanted to know what would have happened if he had chosen love over his dreams.

Which is why he tried exchanging life with the original Jason.

Now, to know what happens next, let’s wait for the series to air on Apple TV+.

For now, let’s leave the mystery to be a mystery and hope that the series is as great as the novel.


Where Was The Series Dark Matter Filmed?

The series Dark Matter was shot in Montrose Harbor, Downtown Chicago, and Gary, Indiana.

When Was The Novel Dark Matter Published?

The novel Dark Matter was published in 2016.

Who Wrote The Novel Dark Matter?

Blake Crouch wrote the New York Times best-selling novel Dark Matter.


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