Rapper Enchanting’s Boyfriend MotionGod Band Is Heartbroken After Losing His Girlfriend

There was a rumor swirling around the internet that rapper Enchanting was dating the late rapper Big Scarr.

The news of rapper Enchanting’s untimely demise due to drug overdose has broken the hearts of many fans.

More than any fans, this news has broken her boyfriend’s heart, MotionGod Bandman.

Key Takeaway

  • Rapper Enchanting has a boyfriend named MotionGod Bandman, who first broke the news of her admission to the hospital is sad of her demise.
  • MotionGod Bandman is from Memphis, Tennessee.
  • There was a rumor that Enchanting was dating the late rapper Big Scarr.

Her boyfriend initially broke the news to the fans, saying,

I tried to save you so many times; you just crushed me.

MotionGod Bandman

After reading this, the speculation of her possible death had already started.

However, he deleted the post later.

Furthermore, the cryptic post also hinted at Enchanting’s substance abuse problem, and now all the rumors turned out to be true.

After that, he posted a story asking fans to pray for the rapper’s speedy recovery.

But sadly, non of the prayers were able to bring her back.

Who is Rapper Enchanting’s Boyfriend, MotionGod Bandman?

MotionGod Badman is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and he went to Ridgeway High School.

By looking at his Facebook profile, we learned that he also attended Harvard University at some point.

We also came to know that his father has already passed, as he had posted a status on Facebook wishing his father a heavenly birthday.

Furthermore, just like Enchanting, he was also a professional rapper.

Both Enchanting and Bandman had done a song together.

When Did They Start Dating?

The exact timeline of when they started dating isn’t yet available on the internet, but we saw the post about them being together in 2022.

Besides that, they are also quite fond of going shopping together.

Before this incident, they liked to keep their relationship status private.

But after her demise, Bandman is completely heartbroken. He recently shared several photos on his Instagram handle. From the recently revealed photos, we learned that both of the couple liked celebrating their success together.

Who Else Has Rapper Enchanting Dated?

There was a rumor swirling around the internet that rapper Enchanting was dating the late rapper Big Scarr.

However, they never made their relationship public, so this may be only a rumor.

Furthermore, Enchanting had always referred to Big Scarr as her best friend.

She also mourned the death of the rapper back in December 2023.

But Sadly, just like, Big Scarr Enchanting also met her end due to drug overdose.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Enchanting is the brand ambassador of Fashionnova, a clothing brand.
  • The talented rapper has a net worth of around $500,000.


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