Relationship Status Of Matthew Perry’s Best Friend Briana Brancato Is Unmarried

Briana Brancato isn't married and doesn't have a past husband as of this writing.

Briana Brancato, the assistant and best friend of the late actor, hasn’t revealed her relationship status yet. She has also had no husband in the past.

Key Takeaways

  • As of this writing, Briana Brancato isn’t married and has no past husband.
  • She was one of Matthew Perry’s close friends, and he mentioned her as Erin in his memoir.
  • Charles is a character from the book that Briana is currently writing.

Born on September 19, 1989, Briana Brancato met Matthew during his first rehab stint.

In Matthew’s book Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, he mentions her by the pseudonymErin.”

As per the book, Briana was working in the same sober living rehab where Matthew was fighting his addiction.

Matthew was instantly impressed by the kind and compassionate nature of the young lady.

Furthermore, back when Matthew had ruptured his colon, it was Briana who saved the life of Matthew by rushing him to UCLA Medical Center while going against the wishes of the rehab center’s staff.

While Matthew was alive, he had high regard for his assistant; in the last paragraph of his memoir, he wrote,

Who knows what I’d do without her; I intend to never find out.

Matthew Perry

In addition, many of his fans even believed they dated for quite some time.

However, that wasn’t the case at all. Their relationship never went beyond friendship.

As of this writing, her relationship rumor is gaining popularity again.

It all started when she shared a post on her official Instagram handle with a caption that read,

As my birthday approached, I couldn’t stop daydreaming about the woman I wanted to become. She was fearless, unapologetically sensual, and confident in her skin. Whenever I looked at the pair of Louboutin heels waiting for me to slip on, I felt excited about what they symbolized. Being around Charles made me feel empowered, and I wanted to embrace this new persona.

Briana Brancato

Who Is Charles? Is He Briana Brancato’s Husband?

The truth is Charles is neither her boyfriend nor her husband.

Rather, he is a character from the book that Briana Brancato is writing.

Furthermore, she shared a story about Michael Lenoci, where he explained how getting into a relationship is hard these days.

The post that she shared on her story was,

From her Instagram, we also learned that she is quite close to her friends and family.

She often posts stories about self-healing and relationships, which makes us wonder if she is secretly in a relationship with someone.

However, while writing this article, she made her Instagram private so the new information surrounding her relationship status couldn’t be gathered.

Screenshot Of Briana Bancato Making Her Profile Private (Source: Instagram)

But since we didn’t see any rings on her finger, we are sure she isn’t married yet.

The reason why she made her Instagram private is not yet known.

Could it be because she is announcing her future husband only to the bunch of her followers?

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • In 2021, Briana had to bear the pain of losing her father.
  • Briana likes reading books in her free time.


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