Revealing The Beautiful Girlfriend Of Actor Jaeden Martell

Due to the limited opportunity available in Reading, Elyza has now migrated to London.

Good news, everyone!! It looks like our handsome hunk Jaeden Martell has finally found a girlfriend that he can hold on to.

We are sure you guys already know who Jaeden Martell is.

Even if you don’t know who he is, we are pretty sure you are familiar with his work so far.

The talented actor is the one who played Bill Denbrough in the critically acclaimed movie IT in 2017.

By working in more than 25 projects, the talented actor has created a name for himself in the industry.

OK, now we hope you recognize him.

And this handsome actor has finally found a girl named Elyza Joll to spend time with.

This new relationship has created a buzz on social media. However, there is little to no information about their relationship.

So today let’s discuss about this beautiful couple a little.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jaeden Martell is currently in a relationship with a model named Elyza Joll, and they have been together for the past 1.5 years.
  • Elyza is originally from Reading but later migrated to London.
  • Elyza is interested in keeping pets and having tattoos.

Jaeden Martell Girlfriend Elyza Joll Is From England

Born on December 29, 2000, Elyza Joll is originally from Reading, England.

However, due to the limited opportunity in Reading, Elyza has now migrated to London.

Talking about her profession, she is a model and artist.

Besides this, there is no information available about this talented individual.

However, since she has a following of around 10K in Instagram (despite having a private profile), we can say that just like Jaeden, this 23 year-old model has created a fan base herself.

Talking about her personal life, she has a pet dog that provides her company in her home.

Moreover, the talented artist is quite fond of having tattoos as well.

Most impressive ones among her multiple tattoos can be found on her left chest where she drew tiger and tattoo of the devil like figure on her back.

The multifaceted individual was first seen with Jaeden back in December 2022.

Since then, the couple has regularly attended parties together.

Many fans have spotted them together while they go out on dates.

Jaeden and Elyza look so great together that many fans can’t help but create the edits of their cute pictures.

But this isn’t the first time, Jaeden has gone on a relationship.

Back in 2018, Jaeden was romantically involved with social media star Lilia Buckingham.

After breaking up with her, he got his name joined with famous celebrities like Sophia Lillis and Isis Hainsworth.

However, none of the relationship worked and this time it looks like Jaeden is serious.

And we hope that Elyza turns out to be the love of her life.

In case You Didn’t Know

  • While growing up, Jaeden didn’t want to be an actor, but with time, he started to fall in love with his job, and now he is one of the most prolific actors in the industry.
  • Jaeden is an advocate for the special Olympics, and he hopes to use his influence to support the things he believes in, including the special Olympics.
  • The talented actor started his journey in the entertainment industry in commercials, where he gained valuable experience that came in handy while doing roles in movies.


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