Revealing The Secret Recipe Behind Cecily Strong’s Weight Loss

Cecily understands the struggle of not having a desired physique!

For an extremely busy celebrity like Cecily Strong, maintaining her fit physique while juggling with her work schedule is a highly daunting task.

And the former SNL star knows exactly how hard it can be to achieve a desired body shape.

In fact, before 2017, she had problems maintaining her weight, but miraculously, she lost a lot of weight.

What’s her secret? Let’s explore that today.

Key Takeaways

  • Cecily understands the struggle of not having a desired physique.
  • To achieve her desired physique, she exercises daily.
  • The talented comedian likes to snack on protein bars and follows a strict diet throughout her day.

Back in 2017, when she was interacting with People’s magazine, she admitted that her health had taken a major toll during the offseason break.

But instead of getting demotivated, she devised a calculated plan called the “Fake Fat Camp.”

So what’s this Fake Fat Camp all about?

Well, it’s quite simple: Even after being busy, Cecily decided to work out every single day. No matter how busy, she continued to work out daily.

While talking to People magazine about it, she said:

I’m just trying to workout every day and get back into shape so I can get prepared

Cecily Strong

However, Cecily knew that to achieve her desired physique, she needed to change some of her diet as well.

That’s why she prepared a dietary plan, and she still sticks by that.

Dietary Plan That Helped Cecily Strong During Weight Loss Process

Talking about her diet, she starts her day with a protein-packed shake. Her secret recipe for her shake is bulletproof protein, banana, strawberries, water, and a scoop of almond butter.

As a big-time snacker, she is careful about what she eats throughout the day. Before devising a plan, she used to snack on junk foods like a bag of chips.

But now, she avoids all kinds of junk foods.

If she ever wants something to snack on, she goes for the protein bars.

Her favorite part of her diet comes during her dinner time, as she likes to end her day with cheese and crackers.

However, she doesn’t forget to loosen up a little, even after following such a strict diet. Whenever she is out with her friends, she likes to order herself a skinny spicy margarita.

But whenever she orders her favorite drink she feels embarrassed a little. While talking about that issue, she said:

It’s embarrassing to ask for a skinny drink…it makes me feel like such a brat, but it’s worth it

Cecily Strong

That’s it; that was a secret behind the weight loss of our very own Cecily Strong.

So next time when you are thinking of shedding some weight, take notes from Cecily Strong’s diet which will help you maintain a healthy life.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Cecily Strong left the Saturday Night Live back in 2022.
  • The talented comedian has given voice in the 2024 movie named The Garlfield Movie.
  • Cecily has appeared as a voice actor in The Simpsons.


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