Riley’s Emotional Journey: A Tale of Joy, Sadness, and Everything In Between In Inside Out 2

In Inside Out, Riley's sadness manages to be the main hero by end of the movie.

Inside Out is probably one of the best-written animated series of modern times, which follows the life of Riley and her emotions.

After the success of Inside Out, the producer created a sequel to this beautiful animated movie, which will be released on June 14, 2024.

From the trailer of Inside Out 2, we learned that new emotions of Riley will be introduced.

Key Takeaways

  • In Inside Out, Riley’s sadness manages to be the main hero by the end of the movie.
  • In Inside Out 2, 4 new emotions will be introduced.
  • Riley’s preferences might be explored in Inside Out 2.

But first, let us give you guys a quick recap on what happened to Riley on Inside Out.

In part one of Inside Out, the first emotion we were introduced to was Joy.

With time, other 4 emotions of Riley were also introduced.

From the very first scene, we came to know that Joy acknowledged the role of every other emotion but sadness.

She felt that sadness wasn’t needed in her life.

But when Joy and Sadness got lost in the darkness of Riley’s mind, we learned that other emotions messed up Riley’s life.

It came to a point where anger forced Riley to run away from her parents.

That’s when Joy realized even the sadness was important to her.

By the end, Joy allowed sadness to take over Riley’s memory. This act made Riley miss her home, and eventually, she decided to return with her parents.

This is where Inside Out ended with a lesson that even sadness is important in leading a healthy life.

However, the movie shows that most of her memories are lost, and Riley will have a fresh start.

So now let’s discuss what happens to Riley in Inside Out Part 2.

What Happens To Riley In Inside Out 2?

In the trailer of Inside Out 2, we are introduced to Riley, who has just turned 13.

Yeah, she is a teenager now.

In this movie, the challenges the teenager faces will be showcased perfectly.

Scenes with braces and mouthguards will make you remember your journey through adolescence.

Furthermore, we are going to see four new emotions making a debut in Riley’s head. And they will be,

  1. Anxiety
  2. Envy
  3. Ennui
  4. Embarrassment

Yet again, we will see Riley’s emotional headquarters being demolished.

Due to anxiety, she might lose a couple of friends. From the revealed scenes, we have come to know that due to anxiety, she will be going farther away from her true self.

In addition, we will also see Riley bottling up her core emotions. This scene perfectly depicts how teenagers bottle up their emotions in real life.

Besides that, we might find Riley going through the journey to discover her preferences.

From the trailer, we are hinted at the possible love interest of Riley.

Is Riley Going To Be Gay/Lesbian In Inside Out 2?

The Inside Out 2 will feature a character named Valentina “Val” Ortiz.

When Riley meets her for the very first time, we see her emotions being triggered.

Furthermore, she seems to be attracted to the character.

If this theory turns out to be accurate, then it will be great motivation for the teenager who hasn’t been able to come out as gay.

But judging by the history of Disney, it is highly unlikely that the main character will come out to be gay.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Inside Out, Riley’s inspiration came from director Pete’s own daughter, Elie.
  • Before writing about emotions as a character, Inside Out’s writer consulted with doctors and psychologists.


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