Robin Doan Tries To Live A Normal Life Despite Losing Her Parents

Texas Native Robin Doan used to live with her mother, Michell, and stepfather, Brian, before their unfortunate demise.

Picture this- it’s 3 in the morning, and you are having a nightmare of having your parents shot by the hands of some stranger.

After some moments, you realize that it’s not a nightmare and there is a shooting happening in your family.

That sounds horrible, right? But what if I told you this is the real-life story of Robin Doan and her parents?

Key Takeaways

  • Texas Native Robin Doan used to live with her mother, Michell, and stepfather, Brian, before their unfortunate demise.
  • Robin tried her best to lead a normal life and even worked at a local amusement park.
  • She hopes to be a nurse one day and help the misfortunate ones.

Robin Doan used to reside with her mother, Michell, and stepfather, Brian Conrad, in Pampa, Texas.

Since Brian was a farmer by profession, the whole family had decided to stay at a remote place closer to their farm.

Despite living far away, the Conrads were famous for being there for the community.

In addition, the whole family was on cloud nine as Michell, Robin’s mother, was six months pregnant at that time.

However, on September 5th, 2005, everything changed as an anonymous man broke into their home and shot the whole family.

Unfortunately, Brian, Michell, and Zach (Robin’s older brother) were de*d on the scene.

In fact, even Robin had to play dead for 2 hours to survive this horrifying incident.

Later, she made a call to 911 and explained the whole situation. When the police arrived at the scene, they were terrorized.

They were heartbroken to know that Robin heard 15 shots being fired at her family.

But Robin didn’t know the fact that her parents had died. She had hoped, just like her, that her parents might have managed to survive.

And when she finally figured out that no one was coming out from her home, the pain broke her down.

Aftermath Of Shooting: What Happened To Robin Doan Afterwards?

After losing her entire family in one night, she went on to live with her biological father.

Her biological father was a surveyor; little information about him is available.

Getting back to the case weeks later, the police figured out that the man behind the shooting was a guy named Levi King, who revealed that he didn’t really know Conrad too well.

Meanwhile, Robin tries to live a normal life, as she doesn’t want this incident to dictate her life.

For a brief time, she lived outside Pampa, but she returned to her hometown during middle school and started living with her aunt.

Robin also acted as evidence during the court proceedings and told what she thought about the incident.

Later she revealed that the only reason she came to the court was because she wanted to be the voice of her deceased family.

Later, with the hope of moving on with life, she even forgave Levi King.

Robin Doan Still Remembers Her Parents Teaching

Even though her parents are no longer with her, she still remembers her parent’s teaching.

With her parents’ teaching, the brave girl faced each problem of her life with the utmost confidence.

Robin attended Pampa High School and was in basketball and cheerleading briefly.

She even worked at a local water amusement park where she saved a little guy from drowning.

In May 2013, she graduated from high school. Then, the local authorities came together and arranged funds worth $10,000 for her to go to junior college.

However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss her family. During the biggest achievements of life, she misses her mother.

To remember her older brother, she still wears a piece of jewelry that has her brother’s baseball jersey number engraved.

While explaining about it, she said,

I still have dreams of being shot at. I still have dreams of doing things with my mom and talking to my brother. I dream about our dog, Molly. And sometimes I lie in bed and ask myself, ‘What could I have done? What could I have done to have kept him from shooting my family?’

Robin Doan

Furthermore, she aspires to be a nurse one day and help the kids going through the same issues that she faced.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Robin Doan lives with her friends now.
  • Her case was featured in a CBS documentary named 48 Hours.


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