Sam Riegel Not Leaving Critical Role Despite Character’s Fate

One of the main reasons why we think Sam will be returning is because of the upcoming live shows.

Sam Riegel hasn’t appeared in the show Critical Role for the past month, which has created a buzz about him leaving the show on every social media channel.

But that’s not the case. His fate in this campaign might be uncertain, but he will certainly appear in the next campaign.

Key Takeaways

  • Fresh Cut Grass’ sacrifice does not mean Sam Riegel is quitting the show.
  • Riegel teased his return in “campaign 4” after bidding farewell.
  • He’s expected to debut a new character at upcoming live shows.

After the end of his character’s storyline, he bid farewell to everyone and said:

See you guys in campaign 4.

By saying this, he revealed that he will definitely return in Campaign 4.

However, one can’t deny that his character got a deserving end in the Dragon and Dungeons game.

If you don’t know, then this season, he played the character Fresh Cut Grass, an automaton with a complex backstory.

In a recent episode, Fresh Cut Glass made a move that broke every fan’s heart a little. He sacrificed himself to defeat a powerful enemy.

This moment drew inspiration from the new game the Critical Role Team developed, Daggerheart.

We all know characters in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns meet various fates, but the players can take up a new character and appear at any time in the campaign.

So, we might still be our favorite voice actor in campaign 3.

Will Sam Miss An Opportunity To Perform At a Live Show?

One of the main reasons why we think Sam will be returning is because of the upcoming live shows.

Sam is one of the show’s great players, and there is little chance that he will miss the upcoming six live events.

Furthermore, Critical Role has listed him as one of the players in the live show happening at The Greek Theatre on June 15, 2024.

If you come to think about it, then this live event might actually be a great opportunity for him to reveal his new character.

In addition to that, bringing a new character makes total sense as well. If you guys know, then Vezoden is trying to free her friends.

If she succeeds, then there will be a jailbreak, which means a lot of new characters, and one of them might just be our Sam’s one PC.

But what might his new character be, comment your guess down below.

In Case You Didn’t Knew

  • Sam uses oversized drinking vessels as a gag.
  • He co-created the podcast that led to Critical Role.
  • Sam is a prolific voice actor who won an Emmy for directing animation.


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