Sara Mesa Focuses On Herself After The Split With MAFS Boyfriend Tim Cowell

After being in this controversial and hectic relationship, Sara has decided to stay single for some time now.

Australia: Most Married at First Sight fans dug into Sara Mesa’s relationship with her then-boyfriend Tim Cowell, but to all the MAFS fans out there, we would like to say that the couple is no longer together.

While Sara is still single and taking her time to move on, Tim has already found a new girl named Barbara.

Barbara, a Brazilian model, had been with Tim since last February until they parted ways following the reunion episode.

Key Takeaways

  • Sara Mesa and Tim Cowell instantly connected on the show MAFS and exchanged vows to be together after the show.
  • They were together during the reunion but broke up after a month due to the lack of trust in one another.
  • Sara Mesa is currently single and focused on growing her company.

Sara and Tim’s relationship was on and off throughout the entire MAFS season. Tim came into the MAFS with a broken heart.

Before the show, Tim had to bear the pain of being cheated on by his girlfriend of 6 years.

On the other hand, Sara hadn’t been in a relationship with anyone for quite a long time.

During the show, Tim’s insecurity created many problems for them to connect with one another.

In addition, when Sara went on to meet her ex for a couple of drinks while still in the show, their relationship became more vulnerable.

However, the beautiful couple somehow managed to solve their problems until the last episode, when they exchanged vows.

Even during the reunion episode, the beautiful couple was together.

Then, when did they break up?

Sara Mesa And Her Boyfriend From MAFS Broke Up After Reunion Episode

The details about their break-up were dropped by Sara while interacting with 9now.

As Sara stated, their relationship ended after a month of shooting the reunion episode. After their separation, the contestants didn’t speak to each other for a few months.

However, the former couple are now just good friends.

While explaining their current connection, Sara said,

We’re definitely friends now, we are very amicable. It’s been good to be on good terms because we went through this crazy ride together.

Sara Mesa

The MAFS star also revealed that one of the main reasons behind their break up was Tim’s inability to move on from the incident that happened during the show.

There was always a form of uncertainty looming around their relationship.

On the other hand, as per Tim, the relationship was on the verge of being absolutely toxic.

This inability to develop trust in one another broke whatever the instant chemistry the couple had during the final episode.

Tim even went on to say to Jonathon McCullough (a fellow star at MAFS) that if he had a little more time, the decision would have been completely different.

On the other hand, while explaining the actual reason behind their break-up, Sara said,

It was a constant battle, he would tell me ‘I forgive you’ and then it would come out that he wasn’t 100 percent moving on. I was like we either do this or we don’t we just can’t keep rehashing things.

Sara Mesa

After being in this controversial and hectic relationship, Sara has decided to stay single for some time now.

She is currently focused on developing herself. Her next aim is to grow her coaching and nutrition business, The Fit & Hungry, to the next level.

While explaining her new goals, motivated Sara said,

I’m working on my career and myself, I learned a lot about myself through the experiment. Whatever comes next, whatever life throws my way I’m open for.

Sara Mesa

In Case You Didn’t Knew

  • Tim is originally from Queensland but has lived in Colombia, Melbourne, Thailand, and Bali.
  • Sara Mesa is originally from Colombia and moved to New South Wales.
  • By occupation, Sara is a Nutritionist, and Tim is an online business owner.


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