Shamin Abas Has A Diverse Ethnic Background With British, Indian, And Persian Roots

After years of dating, Don Lemon finally married his longtime partner, Tim Malone.

The beautiful couple got married at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Both Don and Tim looked dashing on their special day.

Besides Lemon and his dashing partner, one other couple caught everyone’s eye.

And they were none other than Matt Lauer and Shamin Abas.

Thanks to his NBC career, Matt is a renowned household name, and his partner Shamin is a well-known businesswoman with years of experience in PR.

Apart from that, little information is known to the public about Shamin’s personal life.

So today, let’s talk about her hometown, her parents, and her ethnicity a little.

Key Takeaways

  • Shamin Abas has a diverse ethnic background, with British, Indian, and Persian roots.
  • Her father was born in India and had Persian ancestry, while her mother was born and raised in Britain.
  • Shamin has 4 sisters and 1 brother.

Shamin Abas Ethnicity Is Mixed

The talented entrepreneur, Shamin Abas, was born in a Welsh Village called Llandegtan on 11 April 1969.

Her parents were Syed Zafar Jan Abas (father) and Janet Abas (mother).

The talented entrepreneur’s father was born in India in 1936, but he later migrated to England and acquired British citizenship.

Syed also had roots in ancient Persia.

Talking about his profession, he was a lecturer at the University of Wales. He mainly taught the subjects relating to mathematics and information technology.

On the other hand, Shamin’s mother, Janet, was a jazz musician. She was born and brought up in Britain.

Due to her parents belonging to different nations, Shamin Abas has a diverse ethnic background. The British heritage from her mother means Shamin has British ancestry as well.

On her father’s side, Shamin has both Indian and Persian roots.

The combination of British, Indian, and Persian ethnicities in Shamin’s family makes her a unique blend of cultural influences.

She has ties to the Western and Eastern worlds through her parental lineages.

Moreover, she holds British citizenship and currently works in the United States.

The PR specialist also has four sisters and one brother: Melanie, Shamin, Robin, Zara, and Hana.

The happy family lost their father to Parkinson’s in 2009.


When Did Matt Lauer And Shamin Abas Start Dating?

Matt Lauer and Shamin Abas began dating in 2019, shortly after Lauer’s divorce from his ex-wife Annette Roque was finalized that same year.

How Long Had Lauer And Abas Known Each Other Before They Started Dating?

Lauer and Abas had known each other for nearly two decades before they started their romantic relationship in 2019. They met through work and maintained a longtime friendship prior to dating.

What Is Shamin Abas’ Professional Background?

Shamin Abas is a successful marketing businesswoman who has worked in marketing and events around New York, including the Hamptons and Palm Beach, Florida. She often works with high-end luxury clients and travels worldwide for her job.

Has Shamin Abas Been Married Before Her Relationship With Matt Lauer?

Yes, before her relationship with Lauer, Abas had been married twice – first to a Detroit-based dentist and then to nightclub entrepreneur Frank Cilione.


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