Shawn Levy And Eugene Levy Family Details Reveals That They Aren’t Related To Each Other

A close look at Shawn Levy and Eugene Levy's family tree reveals that they aren't related to each other.

The possible familial relationship between Shawn Levy and Eugene Levy has brought both talented individuals back into the limelight.

Speculation of them being related to one another started when many fans noticed they had a similar surname.

Furthermore, both individuals were originally born and brought up in Canada.

However, despite their similar surname, Shawn Levy and Eugene Levy aren’t related to one another.

Key Takeaways

  • A close look at Shawn Levy and Eugene Levy’s family tree reveals that they aren’t related.
  • Shawn Levy is originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Eugene Levy is originally from Ontario, Canada.

To come to the conclusion that they have no relationship, we looked at the families of both individuals.

At first, we looked at Shawn Levy’s household.

Shawn Levy was born and brought up in a Jewish household. He was raised alongside two sisters, Deborah (Debby) Levy and Jodi Levy.

He is originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but now the Stranger Things director resides in California.

While observing his family tree, we found no mention of Eugene Levy.

Besides, they have a huge age gap of 22 years, which rules out the possibility of them being siblings. But given their age gap, they could have been uncle-niece or even father-son.

Therefore, we looked at Eugene Levy’s family further to gain more insight into the matter.

Exploring The Family Tree Of Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy was born to Rebecca Levy (mother) and Joseph Levy (father) in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 381 miles away from Shawn Levy.

Levy married Deborah Divine in 1977. The beautiful couple has one son, Dan Levy, and one daughter, Sarah Levy.

While checking out their social profile, we found no mention of Shawn or his family.

In addition, the talented actor has a brother named Fred Levy (also in the entertainment industry) and a sister named Barbara.

Furthermore, Fred has no son named Shawn and hasn’t mentioned anything about Shawn until now.

Based on these facts, we concluded that Shawn Levy and Eugene Levy are unrelated.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Eugene Levy’s ethnicity is mixed, as his mother has roots in Scotland.
  • Shawn Levy has directed the popular TV series Stranger Things.


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