Shifty Shellshock’s Substance Abuse Problem Was The Reason Behind His Breakup With Soleil Moon Frye

The butterfly singer had a long history of having a substance abuse problem. He even appeared in two seasons of VH1's Celebrity Rehab.

The heartwarming post by Soleil Moon Frye paying tribute to Shifty Shellshock after Shifty’s unfortunate demise reveals that Soleil still loved Shifty even after their breakup in 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • Shifty Shellshock’s substance abuse problem became the reason for his demise.
  • Soleil and Shifty knew each other from their middle school day.
  • They both got together in 2021 and broke up in 2022.

Recently, the news of Shifty’s unfortunate demise has shocked the entire entertainment industry.

According to many big media houses, the reason for his passing away was an accidental overdose of prescribed and street dru*s.

The butterfly singer had a long history of having a substance abuse problem. He even appeared in two seasons of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab.

Amidst all the sadness, his ex-girlfriend Soleil Moon Frye came to her official social media handle to pay tribute to her ex-boyfriend and a really good friend.

In addition, she wrote some kind words in her post, which proved how close they really were.

From the shared caption, we learned that Shifty used to call Frye his Moonfire.

Besides that, Shifty always had a special place for Frye and her daughters.

But the most important thing we learned was that she still had feelings for Shifty.

Soleil Moon Frye And Shifty Shellshock Relationship Timeline

Before getting into a relationship, Soleil and Shifty were childhood friends who had known each other since they were in eighth grade.

The exact date of when they started dating wasn’t made public.

But in September 2021, both announced their relationship to the public.

When they were in a relationship, both loved sharing their intimate pictures, which made their fans know that they were really into each other.

As per some rumors, Shifty seemed really happy during that time.

Furthermore, they both also hosted multiple date nights.

This relationship had everything from traveling together to caring for each other.

For the time being, it looked as if their relationship would last a lifetime.

But that wasn’t the case, as by 2022, news of their separation started to swirl around the internet.

What Was The Reason Behind Soleil Moon Frye And Shifty Shellshock’s Breakup?

The first media house to report their break up was the media house named Radar Online.

According to their sources, the couple had started to drift apart at the beginning of 2022.

And all of this started due to the Shifty’s problem with substance abuse.

During those days, Shifty was taken into custody for driving under the influence in Los Angeles.

However, Shifty was supposed to be clean.

This incident probably caused a huge fight between them, and that might have been the reason behind their break-up.

However, since they never really shared why they grew apart, this might also be our speculation.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Before Shifty, Soleil was married to Jason Goldberg for 22 years and shared 4 children.
  • Before Soleil, Shifty was married to his ex-wife Ashiko Westguard.


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