Story Behind The Nicknames Of Daemon Targaryen In The House Of Dragons

Daemon Targaryen is also known as the "Rider of Caraxes" or the "Prince of the City."

In the series The House Of Dragons, one can’t deny the fact that the coolest Targaryen is Daemon Targaryen, who has multiple nicknames, such as “The Rogue Prince” and “Lord Flea Bottom.”

Among fans, he is also known as the Rider of Caraxes. The fierce fighter got this nickname because he was just the second person in the series to ride a dragon named Caraxes.

Besides that, he is also known as the Prince of the City.


Tidbits About Daemon Targaryen

The sword that Daemon carries is referred to as a Dark Sister, which is a Valyrian Steel.
Before Rhaenyra, Daemon had two wives, one of whom belonged to House Royce.
Daemon once held the position of Master of the Coins.

Daemon chose this name because he felt he was the rightful heir to the throne. He is also the son of King Baelon Targaryen, which makes this name self-explanatory.

However, these names aren’t quite as famous as his other pet names like “The Rogue Prince” and “Lord Flea Bottom.”

What’s the story behind it? Let’s discuss it further in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Daemon Targaryen has earned himself nicknames “The Rogue Prince” and “Lord Flea Bottom.”
  • Because he stole dragon eggs and seized dragon stones, he was nicknamed “The Rogue Prince.”
  • He is also sometimes called Lord Flea Bottom because of the transformation he brought on the Flea Bottom.

Story Behind Daemon Targaryen’s Nickname “The Rogue Prince”

Most of the people in the Westeros are driven by some form of laws and traditions.

But our Daemon is quite rare, as he works and makes decisions based on his emotions.

The rogue prince is gifted with his own beliefs and doesn’t consider what others expect from him.

In fact, Daemon Targaryen commits some heinous crimes, like leading a war at Stepstones without giving a second thought about the consequences.

And you can’t deny that’s the behavior of a rogue.

Furthermore, at one point, he even steals a dragon’s egg and then seizes a Dragonstone just to be declared a Prince of that place.

Later, he even goes on to find his kingdom.

Adding to that, he makes fun of his brother when he loses his wife and son.

Considering these facts, we can say that only Daemon Targaryen deserves the title of “The Rogue Prince.

Story Behind Daemon Targaryen Nickname “Lord Flea Bottom”

Now, after hearing that story, don’t start painting the lousy guy image of the Daemon.

The Rogue Prince has also done great things for the Flea Bottom slum.

When his brother Viserys puts him in charge of City Watch, he notices how bad Flea Bottom has been.

Before him, the guardsmen were nothing but a bunch of lazy and unorganized lads.

However, as soon as the Daemon arrives, he successfully reforms the guardsmen.

He ensures that they are well-trained and well-armed.

Furthermore, he gives them a golden cloak and makes them his private army.

With the help of the gold cloaks, the rogue prince destroys the crime from the area.

But after that, he starts drinking for free in taverns and always wins money in gambling dens.

Adding to that, his frequent visits to the brothel aren’t a secret at all.

Due to all this work, he successfully earns the nickname “Lord Flea Bottom.”

Now, that’s a story of all his nicknames. By the way, do tell us what you like about Daemon Targaryen.


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