Subtle Facial Changes in Ella Purnell Spark Speculation About Plastic Surgery

If you have watched season 1 of the hit series Fallout, then you might have been mesmerized by the gorgeous Ell Purnell’s looks. But hey, there are a few noticeable changes in her face. Is it because of plastic surgery?

Ella is receiving well-deserved recognition from fans worldwide. From critics to fans, everyone has nothing but appreciation for her role as Lucy MacLean.

But if you aren’t a cinephile like us, then you mightn’t know that Ella Purnell has been active in the entertainment industry since 2010.

Let us give you a quick intro about her.

The talented actress' first appeared in the movie Never Let Me Go, where she played the role of Young Ruth. Since then, she has appeared in 28 different projects ranging from movies to TV series. 

However, we noticed a few key differences in her facial structure while analyzing her before and after pictures.

These differences have brought the question of plastic surgery to our minds.

So today, we will discuss Ella Purnell’s key facial differences, which hint that she might have had plastic surgery.

Key Takeaways

  • Ella Purnell’s facial features, including her nose, lips, and eyebrows, have undergone subtle changes over the years.
  • While Purnell has not confirmed or denied having any cosmetic procedures, the differences in her facial structure between past and present photos suggest possible interventions like a lip lift, rhinoplasty, and brow lift.
  • However, these changes could also be attributed to natural aging and differences in makeup, lighting, and camera angles, making it difficult to conclude definitively whether Purnell has had any plastic surgery.

Before And After Photos Of Ella Purnell Hints Of Plastic Surgery

To get a clear answer, we first surfed around the internet to see if Ella herself had admitted to having plastic surgery.

But as of writing, Ella Purell has neither admitted nor denied having plastic surgery.

However, we did find that her look alike Gwen Stefani, had undergone plastic surgery in the past.

After that, we scrolled on Instagram to look for her older photographs.

While comparing her current picture and her pictures from 2016, we did find some key differences, especially on her nose, lips, and eyebrows.

Ella’s face in 2016 appears slightly longer and narrower, while her current face is more rounded and heart-shaped.

In 2016, her lips were slightly fuller and more defined. Now, they appear a bit thinner, with a subtler cupid’s bow.

This change in her lips hints of a Lip lift.

In 2016, her nose was slightly narrower and more refined, with a slightly straighter bridge.

On the other hand, her nose appears a bit wider at present, and the tip has a slightly more pronounced, rounded shape.

This change suggests a Rhinoplasty.

In 2016, her eyebrows were more arched and dramatic. Currently, they are straighter and appear a bit fuller.

This suggests a Brow Lift.

However, all of this is just our assumption.

These slight variations can also result from differences in camera angle, lighting, makeup, and styling while taking photos.

Moreover, it can also be that all the changes that she has had are natural and came because she is a little older than in 2016.

Whatever the case, there is no doubt that she is gorgeous and has mesmerized everyone with her talent.

By the way, what do you think about the changes in her looks?


Who Does Ella Purnell Resemble In Hollywood?

Ella Purnell bears a striking resemblance to Monica Keena and shares similarities with a young Gwen Stefani.

Why Does Ella Purnell Look Like Monica Keena?

Ella Purnell and Monica Keena share similar facial features, including prominent foreheads, high cheekbones, defined jawlines, and eyes with a slight upward tilt. Their overall facial symmetry is quite remarkable.

Why Does Ella Purnell Resemble A Young Gwen Stefani?

Ella Purnell and a young Gwen Stefani have similar oval-shaped faces with prominent cheekbones and defined, angular jawlines. While there are differences, such as Gwen’s slightly more pointed chin and sharper facial contours, their resemblance is notable.


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