Supportive Parents Behind The Success Of Daniel Daggers

Daniel Daggers' parents were Derrick Daggers(father) and Noga Derrick(mother).

Did you know that Buying London star Daniel Daggers didn’t want to be a real estate agent while growing up?

Daggers wanted to be a footballer, but he became one of the market’s top agents after his parents encouraged him.

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel Daggers’ parents were Derrick Daggers(father) and Noga Derrick(mother).
  • Dagger household sent Daniel to a private boarding school despite having limited income.
  • Daniel Daggers’ ethnicity is mixed.

Daniel Daggers was born to Derrick Daggers(father) and Noga Derrick(mother) on December 20th, 1979.

His old man had quite a colorful background, as he managed to gather abundant wealth during the initial days of his career.

But later in life, he managed to lose everything in the process.

After losing most of his wealth, he became a kitchen designer. Later, his family even had to move to a council flat.

For the ones who aren’t from the U.K., let us tell you council flats are the apartments owned by the Local Authorities, and rents to those places are really cheap, and it’s targeted at families who are on the brink of homelessness.

You might be amazed to know that Daniel was the only child to have both of his parents with him.

And the neighborhood he grew up in was kinda sketchy.

Even though the Daggers household had to compromise on many different things, they never compromised on one thing: Daniel’s education.

His parents had saved enough to send him to a private Jewish school.

During his schooling, Daniel was quite fond of football, and he wanted to make a career in sports.

His parents supported it, but his father also told him to find a job.

As per them, making a successful career out of sports is really hard at times.

Unfortunately, Daniel broke his collarbone, ending his dreams of a successful career.

In such a tough situation, his parents reminded him that not all was lost for him and encouraged him to find a job.

This job later inspired him to be a real estate agent.

Now we know his parents played a vital role in making him a successful person.

So, now let’s discuss where their parents were originally from.

Daniel Daggers Ethnicity Is Mixed

Daniel Daggers follows Jewish as his religion. Both his mother and father are also Jewish.

His parents always taught him all the values of Jews while growing up.

Furthermore, his father, Derek, has roots that connect back to Israel.

On the other hand, his mother, Noga, also has roots in Yemen. She was a Yemenite Jew.

Now, since his roots go back to Yemen and Israel, and he grew up in England, his ethnicity went on to be mixed.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Daniel Daggers is the lead in the TV show Buying London.
  • Daniel has properties worth 14 million pounds in the United Kingdom.


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