Teri (Nava Mau) Had A Complex Relationship With Boyfriend Donny(Richard Gadd) In Baby Reindeer

Unlike Donny, Teri is confident, brilliant, and witty.

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Baby Reindeer, you might know that Donny’s only sane relationship was with Nava Mau, a.k.a. Teri.

Key Takeaways

  • Donny tells Teri a lie and starts dating her; she finds out about it but still stays with Donny.
  • Martha assaults Teri, which makes Donny file a police complaint, but out of vengeance, she assaults his landlord and tells lies about his accident to his parents.
  • Donny still tries to defend Martha, so Teri and Donny break up.

Back when the trailer of the series was launched, most of the fans believed that the genre of the series would be a dark comedy.

Well, it does focus on a comedian’s life, but the series’s overall theme isn’t funny at all.

In fact it covers some of the darkest sides that most creators don’t even dare to touch.

Kudos to Richard Gadd for that !!!

From PTSD to relationship issues, this Netflix series has everything you can think of.

Today, we will discuss the relationship issues Donny Dunn (Richard Gadd) and Teri (Nava Mau) had in the series.

By the way, the content below contains major spoilers from the series, so we suggest you watch it first if you haven’t already.

Teri (Nava Mau) Boyfriend, Donny Dunn (Richard Gadd), Kept Secrets

Let’s be honest: amidst Martha and Darrien, Teri is the only thing sane in Donny’s life.

We were introduced to Teri back in episode 2 of the series.

In the episode, Donny secretly signs up for the Trans dating website under a fake name and identity. There, he finds our Teri and instantly connects with her.

Unlike Donny, Teri is confident, brilliant, and witty, which scares Donny to reveal his true identity.

While going out on a date with Teri, he reveals the information about his stalker, Martha. After hearing about Martha, she encourages him to report her to the police.

However, Donny ignores it by saying she is harmless, which Teri denies.

Then, one thing leads to another, Donny gets intoxicated, which makes him reveal his true identity.

After a date, Teri asks for a kiss, but Donny panics and abandons her on the train.

Even after being abandoned and lied to, she holds onto Donny and tries to give him all the love that has been missing from his life.

But since Donny is at the lowest point of his life, he wants that constant validation from Martha.

However, things get entirely out of hand when Martha physically assaults Teri.

That’s when Donny decides to report her to the police.

While seeking vengeance, yet again, Martha assaults Donny’s ex-girlfriend Keeley by throwing drinks at her.

After that, he reveals all the details about Martha to Keeley and her mother, Liz.

Since Donny is staying with Liz, she quickly tells Donny to move out.

And then he starts living at Kilburn but spends more time at Teri’s place.

Story Of Teri And Donny’s Breakup

Terry and Donny are looking for a fresh start, but Martha’s presence hinders their well-thought plan.

Even after being reported to the police, Martha interferes with Donny’s life by lying to his parents about his accident.

Yet again, Donny tries to defend Martha, which is too much for Teri to handle, and she breaks up with him.

You might all be confused about what happened to Teri after that.

Well, Nava Mau, the artist who played Teri, revealed that there is a deleted scene in Baby Reindeer.

The details about the deleted scenes aren’t out yet, but as per Nava Mau, Teri gets her closure by finding a new man.

While explaining about it to GQ magazine, she said,

Teri leaves Donny a voicemail five months later. So I think, for me, I got closure because Teri did too. That’s what gave me so much comfort, knowing that they found peace with regards to their relationship. Teri found a new man, she didn’t lose her friends, she didn’t lose her job, she didn’t lose her smile. She’s good. And I think that is remarkable, because so often we’ve seen stories of trans people that end with them broken.”

Nava Mau

This relationship portrayal is a perfect reminder of how a beautiful relationship ends if you keep secrets from your partner.

Furthermore, it also reminds us that failing to advocate for our partners will ultimately lead to relationship breakdowns.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Richard Gadd was already a fan of Jessica Gunning’s work before they started working together on the show.
  • Nava Mau had to take the ballet lesson to play the role of Teri.
  • It was difficult for Jessica Gunning to come out of the character Martha.


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