Candice Miller and her husband, Brandon Miller, had a movie-like love story where they turned their friendship into a marriage

Candice Miller and her husband, Brandon Miller, had a movie-like love story where they turned their friendship into a marriage.

The recent passing of Brandon Miller, husband of Mama & Tata co-founder Candice Miller, has shocked New Yorkers.

Key Takeaways

  • Candice Miller and her husband, Brandon Miller, had a movie-like love story where they turned their friendship into a marriage.
  • Brandon Miller had worked his way to the top of the real estate industry.
  • Their story had a tragic end, as Brandon Miller is believed to have taken his own life.

Their extraordinary story could easily be turned into a captivating movie or docuseries.

The tale begins on the charming streets of the Hamptons, where young Brandon and Candice grew up as neighbors. Unknown to them, their futures were destined to intertwine in ways they could never have imagined.

Like a classic romantic film, Brandon and Candice’s deep friendship eventually blossomed into a romance in their mid-20s. Their real-life wedding in 2009 was a grand affair, outshining many rom-com ceremonies.

Ten years later, their vow renewal party was nothing short of a cinematic spectacle, resembling a scene straight out of a Hollywood set.

Candice And Brandon Miller 10-Year Vow Renewal Party (Source:

In addition, with time, their love for one another only grew stronger.

They went on multiple vacations during their time together and rediscovered their love in new places.

Then, their family grew when they had two beautiful daughters together.

But wait, did we introduce you guys to the main characters of this movie, Brandon and Candice?

Who Are Brandon Miller And Candice Miller?

Like the movie’s hero, Brandon rose meteorically in the competitive world of New York’s real estate.

His path to success was guided by the experienced hands of his father, Michael Miller.

However, prior to getting help from his father, he gained some experience working at the reputed real estate firm Dillon Read Capital Management.

He helped the company acquire over 1 billion dollars worth of commercial real estate loans.

Before meeting Candice in 2004, Brandon had already joined his family firm, REEC, as the head of the acquisitions and finance department.

He experienced his first major success by renovating a storefront in Union Square.

After pouring his heart and soul into the firm, he quickly became the Managing Partner and handled a billion-dollar transaction.

Now, all of you might wonder what Candice Miller was doing during those days.

Candice also paved the way for her success by working as the head buyer at the Tenet shop in Southhampton.

She even became a certified learning specialist.

In addition to that, she did charity work for over 5 years.

However, Candice and Brandon’s real lives are more like movies; they have tragic endings.

For some unknown reason, it is believed that Brandon has taken his own life.

Get Help: If you’ve been having a dark thought of taking your own life or you know someone who’s going through the phase, it’s not too late to get help. 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Brandon and Candice resided in Tribeca.
  • Brandon was a Metropolitan Capital Advisor for 13 years.


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