The Successful TikTok Star Eva Evans Never Found A Good Boyfriend: Sought A Permanent Solution To The Temporary Problem

In that relationship, Evan's boyfriend had lied to her about being on the hockey team and being kicked out of his home

New York: No, not Eva Evans!! This was our initial reaction when we heard the news about Eva.

All her fans, including us, are still in shock. The talented TikTok star was such a kind soul, and hey, she was really bold as well.

What made her take such a drastic decision?

Well, nobody knows about it yet. But there is word on the street that she did this because of some relationship problem.

According to her mother, she had been having a relationship problem for the past few months.

But who was she dating? Was she still in a relationship with that scammer, Kyle?

Let’s discuss that and her past relationship in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Eva Evans had been dating scammer Kyle, but she later discovered she was being scammed, which led to her breakup.
  • Evans’s high school boyfriend also lied to her about multiple things, like being on the hockey team and having a scholarship.

Eva Evans Dated Scammer Kyle

In July 2023, many TikTok stars came together and revealed that they had been dating a mysterious man named Kyle.

Kyle appeared to have many A-list friends and a lot of money to spend.

But all of it was nothing but a big fat lie.

Among the celebrities who came forward was our very own Eva Evans. In fact, she was the first person to talk about the issue.

@itsevaevans Has one glass of wine #nyc #datingnyc #filmmaker ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

In the video, she said,

I found out that my ex-boyfriend had a wife and a son and another name and was actually another person.

Eva Evans

After the investigation, it was revealed that Kyle’s real name was Aryeh Dodelson.

But let’s get back to the topic.

This video proved she was no longer in a relationship.

However, this wasn’t her first encounter with the scammy relationship.

When she was in high school, Evan’s boyfriend lied to her about being on the hockey team, being kicked out of his home, and even having a college scholarship.

@itsevaevans This was easily the most destructive relationship ive ever hadβ€”he totally changed the trajectory of my entire life. More here: @Eva Evans | NYC 🀍 #misstreatment #reesateesa #pathologicalliar #lying #exboyfriend #storytime ♬ original sound – Eva Evans | NYC 🀍

As per her, it was easily one of the most abusive relationships she had ever been in.

But in recent times, it seemed like Eva was happily in a relationship with someone.

Ten months back, she even made a video about having a fun conversation with her boyfriend about the difference between dating a girl and dating a boy.

@itsevaevans Actually my boyfriend is about to be on the market again since I remembered he dated other people before he met me #dating #nyc #datingnyc #datingmen #newyork ♬ original sound – Eva Evans | NYC 🀍

But a month back, she was seen simulating a hug, and in the caption, she wrote #breakup. This time, it seemed like she was going through one of her toughest breakups.

@itsevaevans Emotionally, mentally and physically I am here #breakup ♬ original sound – Eva Evans | NYC 🀍

Whatever the reason, it seems like she sought a permanent solution to the temporary problem. Her fans will undoubtedly miss her a lot.


What Was The Most Recent Project Of Eva Evans?

Eva Evans’ last project was Club Rat.

Where Can You Watch Club Rat?

You can watch Club Rat on Amazon Prime.

How Many Followers Did Eva Evans Have In TikTok?

Eva Evans had around 323.4K followers on TikTok.


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