The Supportive Sister Behind Ex-Big Brother Contestant Skye Wheatley

Finally, Skye Wheatley, the ex-big Brother contestant, has won the I Am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2024.

The famous social media star fought for her survival in Africa for 21 episodes.

However, this isn’t the first reality show in which Sky has appeared. Before this show, Skye competed in Big Brother Australia season 11.

In 2014, she secured the Top three spot in the show.

The famous star was nominated six times in the show, and her fans saved her every time in Big Brother.

It was proof that the fans loved her nature and her style of play. 

However, after that, she didn’t appear on any shows and instead focused on being a social media star.

With the fame she earned at Big Brother, she accumulated more than 650K followers on Instagram.

Besides that, she also managed to open her own charity organization, Bully Zero.

But none of this would have been possible hadn’t she gotten the support of her sister Kahla Wheatley.

So, let’s talk about her a little.

Key Takeaways

  • Skye Wheatley, the former contestant on the show Big Brother, has won the I Am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2024.
  • Skye is constantly supported by her sister Kahla, who is a social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Ex-Big Brother Contestant Skye Wheatley Is Supported By Her Sister Kahla Wheatley

From Big Brother to I Am a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here, Kahla has always supported her sister.

Like her sister, Kahla is also a social media influencer. The 24-year-old has already accumulated more than 24K followers on her Instagram.

When Skye was nominated for the show, Kahla posted a photo on her social media requesting a vote.

Maybe she was one of the reasons Skye managed to win this competitive show.

However, unlike her sister, Kahla has never been on any reality shows. She is more into entrepreneurship.

The young businesswoman has already established her own Gold Coast Cleaning Services venture.

On her Instagram, you can find many posts and videos where she shares her knowledge of cleaning with her followers.

During her free time, she likes to play with her dog, Dusty.

After Skye won the show, there was a buzz on social media about her brother as well.

But while doing our research, we found no info about her brother. So, it is possible that Skye might not have a brother in real life.


How Many Episodes Did Skye Wheatley Appear In The Big Brother Season 11?

Skye Wheatley appeared in 56 episodes of the show Big Brother season 11 and managed to secure the Top 3 spot.

Did Skye Wheatley Manage To Be The Head Of House In The Big Brother?

Yes, during week 6 of the show, she was appointed as the Head Of House (HoH).

Who Was Skye Wheatley’s Pair Partner In The Show?

Skye’s pair partner in the show was Lisa Clark.


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