The Up And Rising Star Maleah Joi Moon Embraces Her Single Life

Maleah Joi Moon is single and has no future husband or boyfriend in real life.

Maleah Joi Moon has finally won the prestigious Tony Award for her wonderful performance as Ali in the popular Broadway musical Hell’s Kitchen.

Ever since that news, every fan of hers has been desperate to know if she has ever been in a relationship.

Some of them are even curious about her possible husband.

But the thing is, as of this writing, Maleah Joi Moon is single and not looking to enter into any kind of relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • Maleah Joi Moon is single and has no future husband or boyfriend in real life.
  • The talented actress currently focuses on her career, which is why she isn’t able to focus on her romantic life.
  • Maleah and Alicia are pretty close, and for Alicia, Maleah is like a little sister.

Maleah has never disclosed the reason why she is currently single.

But as per our assumptions, the talented actress is just getting no time to focus on her romantic life.

The up-and-coming star is just 21 years old, and even at such a young age, she is given a herculean task to perform the role of the veteran Alicia Keys.

To do justice to her role, she might have to undergo a lot of acting classes, and hey, we all know that her initial interest was in music.

It’s a known fact that a newbie like Maleah Joi Moon needs to undergo extensive training to portray a lead role on Broadway.

However, we all know Maleah shined bright like a diamond in Hell’s Kitchen after training.

Besides her busy schedule, her parents might also be one reason she does not have a boyfriend or husband.

Maleah Joi Moon Grew Up In Strict Household

If you have watched Hell’s Kitchen, then you might have noticed that during Act 1, Ali’s mother, Jersey, tries to convince her not to date a musician.

Maleah’s condition in real life is not the same, but she grew up in a strict household.

So, there is a chance that her mother and father might have asked her to focus on her career first.

While talking about her relationship with her parents, she said,

Because my parents were strict, most of my rebellion came from a place of personality, in trying to be something other than what my mother wanted me to be. I would stay out late and things, but that was never really an issue for my parents.

Maleah Joi Moon

In the same interview, she also said,

 I can see things more clearly. But when I was 17, I wanted to find myself and navigate love. Ali’s whole thing is navigating the hard things about love, family and complicated relationships.

Maleah Joi Moon

By saying that, she alluded to her possible relationships from the past.

But she never revealed any details, so at this point, we can only speculate.

Did she have a heartbreak, or was the case something else? We will never know.

However, it doesn’t mean that she lacks love in her life.

Maleah Joi Moon’s Relationship With Alicia Keys

Now, we all know that Hell’s Kitchen is based on the life of Alicia Keys.

In addition, Maleah portrays the role of Keys in the play. Alicia provided all the assistance Maleah needed to assist in her role.

Furthermore, Alicia took the role of a mentor for Maleah.

For Alicia, Maleah has become a friend and a little sister. She constantly reminds Maleah to take care of herself.

They both bond over a topic of spirituality.

On the other hand, this whole moment is like a dream come true for Maleah. She admired Alicia and her story long before they met.

While explaining their relationship, she said,

So, Alicia and I have these conversations, and she’s always checking that I’m checking in with my spirit. A friend of mine calls it “positive trauma.” This experience is expanding me in a way that I never imagined and forcing me to grow at such a fast rate. It’s important to check in with my mental health and make sure my mind is clear and ready to accept the blessings that are coming my way. 

Maleah Joi Moon

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Maleah Jo Moon’s ethnicity is mixed. Her mother is originally from Belize, and her father is originally from the Bronx.
  • Maleah attended Franklin High School, where she met her first mentor, Timothy Walton.


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