Thomas Hose Had An Ex-Wife And Son Before Abducting Tanya Kach

Thomas Hose had a son named Justin from his ex-wife, but he isn't currently married.

Lifetime’s movie “The Girl Locked Upstair,” tells a tale of the real-life tragedy that Tanya Kach endured for ten long years.

Back in 1996, Tanya Kach was held as a hostage in the home of Thomas Hose.

For 10 long years, Kach was abused and threatened by Thomas.

But this isn’t the only shocking thing; Hose had a child about 2 years younger than Kach as well.

Key Takeaways

  • Thomas Hose had a son named Justin from his ex-wife, but he isn’t currently married.
  • Tanya and Thomas got close to each other at Cornell Middle School.
  • Tanya found solace in Thomas because she didn’t have great parents who gave her the desired care.

First up, let’s discuss who Thomas Hose is.

Back in 1996, Thomas Hose worked as a security guard at the Cornell Middle School in McKeesport.

Before this job, he hadn’t held any job for 30 years. However, none of the school authorities cross-checked on him.

In fact, Hose never moved out of his parents’ home.

Besides that, this manipulative guy even managed to get married at one point in time. But due to abusive behavior, his wife left him.

Details about his previous wife have yet to be disclosed to the public. The only thing that we know is that they shared a son, Justin.

Justin is just two years younger than Tanya.

Even when the police asked about Tanya, he said Tanya was like a child to her. He even told the authorities that his son Justin and Tanya were like brothers and sisters.

The authorities only knew the full story when Tanya Kach revealed the truth.

How Did Tanya Kach And Thomas Hose Meet?

In 1996, Tanya was an 8th-grade student at Cornell Middle School, where Thomas worked.

Tanya was neglected by her parents during those times, and she wanted desperate attention from someone.

And that someone was, unfortunately, Thomas Hose.

Thomas made her feel like he understood her better than anyone else. In fact, he even supplied cigarettes and alcohol to that teenage girl.

At one point, Tanya asked how he knew so much about her. Thomas replied that it was his job to know everything about the student.

But little did she know that Thomas had manipulated counselor Debbie Burnett to know everything about her.

Then, on January 2, 1996, Thomas caught Tanya and her friend cutting classes. He sent her friend directly to the principal’s office but saved Tanya.

This incident provided a false sense of security in Tanya’s mind.

One day, he manipulated Tanya into running away from her home. Then, she started living with him.

But the innocent Tanya didn’t know that she was going to be held hostage for ten years.

Tanya Kach Had Awful Parents

We know now most of you guys must be thinking, where were her parents when she needed their assistance?

Well, the truth is, she kind of had awful parents. She was born to Sherri (mother) and Jerry Kach (father).

Sherri and Jerry had been in love with each other since high school.

But with time, due to Sherri being an alcoholic, the relationship between them became sour.

And soon after, they got divorced.

Later, Sherri physically abused Tanya. Due to her constant trouble, Tanya moved in with her father.

However, her biological mother also followed her to her father’s place.

Then, Jerry moved in with his next wife, Joanna.

Joanna and Jerry kind of neglected Tanya. In fact, her own father didn’t file a report until the fourth day of her disappearance.


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