Turning Pain into Punchlines: Jeff Foxworthy Has A Knack For Turning Nasty Situations Into Lighthearted Ones

After hearing out his pain, the kid named D. Wayne looked at him and said he might have a kidney stone.

Atlanta: Recently, Jeff Foxworthy posted a video of one of his skits on his official Facebook handle, detailing the time he had kidney stones.

Since then, most of his fans have wondered if he still has one, but it seems Jeff is already past that painful phase.

As of this writing, the hilarious comedian appears to be perfectly fit and fine.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeff Foxworthy isn’t going through any injury and is healthy in 2024.
  • In 2016, he was diagnosed with kidney stones, and after almost 2 months, he recovered.
  • Once, when his friend met a car accident, somehow he managed to make the whole situation light-hearted.

From the skit, we learned that Jeff found out about kidney stones in 2016 when he was out to put a new tire on his truck. All of a sudden, he felt an immense pain emerging from his back.

The pain was so immense that it made him scream his lungs out. And just after 10 seconds, he felt another pain in the same area.

After hearing out his pain, the kid named D. Wayne looked at him and said he might have a kidney stone.

That’s when Jeff remembered that he was a multi-millionaire and could afford to get a second opinion.

When he visited the doctor, he discovered he didn’t have A KIDNEY STONE but had 5 KIDNEY STONES.

Jeff Foxworthy’s Journey Through Kidney Stones

With an aim to minimize the pain, the doctor suggested he take the painkiller named Percocet.

To which Jeff confidently replied,

Dude, I am not taking aspirin. I am not taking Percocet.

Jeff Foxworthy

Well, Jeff was wrong; once the stone started moving, he gulped the Percocet like some M&M.

Six weeks later, 4 of his stones left him through the urinal, but the biggest one had still stuck by him.

He had no pain for some days, and he thought the stones had somehow dissolved.

However, that wasn’t the case, and his doctor suggested a complex and unsophisticated procedure.

To which he agreed, and he finally recovered from it.

But he did find a skit because of it, which he performed everywhere he was invited.

However, this isn’t the first time Jeff made a joke out of the bad situation.

Jeff Foxworthy Shared A Hilarious Incident About His Friend’s Car Accident

Back in 2017, Jeff was performing a stand-up skit where he revealed how his wife sometimes asks way too many questions.

The story goes that one day, he received a text saying his friend Tommy had been in a car accident.

Since Tom was a mutual friend, he showed the message to his wife as well.

To which his wife asked if Tommy was driving.

In response, our hilarious comedian replied,

I don’t know I just got a text said please pray for Tommy, he was in a bad wreck.

Jeff Foxworthy

Then she asked if Tommy’s family was in the car and which hospital he was taken to.

Our brilliant comedian repeated the same phrase as used previously.

After hearing the phrase multiple times, his wife got irritated and asked what do you know then.

To which Jeff replied,

I know we have to pray for Tommy

Jeff Foxworthy

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Jeff Foxworthy has a history of working at IBM in Alabama for 5 years.
  • Foxworthy has written more than 20 comedy books.
  • Jeff met his wife for the first time in a comedy club.


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