Twisted Thomas Randolph So-Called, “The Black Widower,” Used His Wives And Their Kids To Boost His Net Worth

Thomas Randolph had two biological children, Christa (daughter) and Justice (son), and two stepdaughters, Collen and Rachel.

Max’s new documentary, The Black Widower, covers the life of the infamous Thomas Randolph. Randolph had six wives, but only two of them survived.

Biologically, he only had two children, a daughter named Christa and a son named Justice. However, he was also the stepfather of his daughters from his fifth and sixth wives.

Key Takeaways

  • Thomas Randolph had six wives, and he was accused of killing three of them.
  • Randolph had two biological children, Christa (daughter) and Justice (son), and two stepdaughters, Collen and Rachel.
  • The criminal mastermind has a net worth of around $2 million.

Thomas Randolph’s name mightn’t ring any bells for cinephiles, but it is synonymous with horror for true crime documentary fans.

The criminal mastermind is believed to have taken the lives of 3 out of his six wives.

And as usual, his motive behind the killing was money.

While looking closely at the case of Thomas Randolph, we found a pattern that he usually followed.

Initially, he sought out vulnerable women and attempted to win them over by lavishing expensive gifts upon them.

Within just a few months of dating, he would pressure these women into marriage.

If he became dissatisfied with the marriage, he would take out a costly insurance policy in his wife’s name and then attempt to end their lives.

Repeating this scheme three times allowed him to amass a net worth of nearly $2 million.

First Wife Of Thomas Rudolph Kathryn Thomas Saved Herself By Filing For Divorce

Thomas’s first wife was a woman named Kathryn Thomas, whom he met while he was in high school.

The couple married on August 2, 1975, just after finishing high school. At that time, Thomas was just 20 years old, and Kathryn, on the other hand, was 18.

Soon after their marriage, Thomas welcomed two biological children, Krista and Justice.

For quite some time, Kathryn didn’t see any fault in Thomas.

But one day, while serving an oatmeal, she forgot to add sugar to his bowl.

And somehow, this honest mistake enraged Thomas too much, and he threw the bowl against the wall.

This made Kathryn realize how abusive Thomas can really be.

In addition, she started noticing that he had trouble keeping up with the job.

Then, she started noticing the fact that he used to deal dr*gs too.

This scared Kathryn, and then, in April 1983, she got a divorce from him.

After that, she began dating a man named Steven Thomas.

Thomas was enraged by these incidents, so he gave Kathryn and Steven a tough time.

In fact, he even asked Steven if he would kill someone for $25,000 if he knew he could get away with it.

Due to all these incidents, Kathryn and Steve got scared and preferred to stay away from Thomas.

The Fourth Wife Of Thomas Randolph, Gayna Allmon, Also Managed To Survive

Thomas and Gayna met in 1995. Following his usual pattern, he showered her with expensive gifts and got married right away.

One day, Thomas got arrested in a bar fight that involved sh*oting.

Luckily, Gayna had some good contacts in the police station, so her friends warned her he wasn’t a good fit for her.

Then, one day, while cleaning his gun, Thomas mistakenly fired at Gayna, and the bullet barely missed her.

As per the rumors, he had taken insurance in her name a few days prior to that incident.

This made Gayna furious. So, when Thomas was at work, she packed her things, went to her friends’ houses, and filed for divorce.

Besides them, it seems that even his third wife, Leona Stapleton, was saved from Thomas’s rage as she successfully divorced him.

However, as of 2024, she is rumored to have met her demise due to cancer.

The second Wife Of Thomas Rudolph, Beckie Gault, Was Thomas’s First Victim

The real name of, Beckie was Rebecca Rae Gault, but her family nicknamed her Beckie.

According to her family, Beckie was a prankster who always loved having fun.

Tom managed to put Beckie in his web of deceit by following his usual pattern.

They both were married on April 18th, 1982.

Everything looked fine during his first days of marriage to Becky, but he unleashed his true form only after months of marriage.

At first, Thomas psychologically ab*sed Beckie and broke her true self.

Then, he went on to make Beckie addicted to Heroine.

When the money was scarce, he made Beckie take loans from her aunt.

At last, when Beckie was no longer helpful to Thomas, he planned to kill her.

But before that, he took an insurance policy worth $534,000.

To do the job, he hired a hitman named Eric Tarantino.

Thomas was so sick that he planned numerous ways to take the life of his wife.

However, Eric decided not to go through with it. Enraged by this fact, Thomas fiercely beats Eric to almost death.

Then, after some days, the news of Beckie’s su*cide was out.

However, the detectives believe that it wasn’t the case. After her death, he claimed all the insurance money.

The Fifth Wife Of Thomas, Francis, Had A Daughter Named Rachel

Before marrying Thomas, Francis was a single mother to a daughter named Rachel.

Rachel’s biological father was a guy named Jay.

To impress Francis, Thomas played the role of stepdad perfectly. He took Rachel to gym lessons and even encouraged her to participate in sports.

After impressing Francis, he forced her to marry him within six months of meeting.

Just after the marriage, he started his usual a*use to Francis.

One day, Thomas learned that Francis had a serious heart condition that required surgery. The operation could have been postponed, but Thomas convinced Francis to proceed with it immediately.

Before the surgery at Utah Hospital, Thomas persuaded Francis to record a video declaring that all her possessions now belonged to him.

The doctors deemed the surgery successful. After the procedure, Thomas and Rachel visited Francis. Thomas asked Rachel to step out of the room as he wanted to discuss something privately with her mother.

Twenty minutes later, Thomas emerged from the room in tears, announcing that her mother had passed away. Rachel was stunned, as everything had seemed fine just moments earlier.

Within the next 24 hours, Thomas arranged for Francis’s cremation. Thirteen days later, he received the insurance payout.

Subsequently, Thomas sued Utah Hospital and won $1.2 million in damages.

His Sixth Wife, Sharon, Had A Daughter Named Collen

Thomas attempted the same tactic with his sixth wife, Sharon.

Sharon had a daughter named Collen, who never trusted Thomas. This time, he enlisted the help of a man named Mike. One day, Thomas orchestrated Sharon’s murder, making it appear as a burglary.

To cast himself as a hero, he even killed Mike.

According to Collen, Mike had been staying at Thomas’ house for the past few months.


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