62-Year-Old Laura Wray Is Still Scared Of Fiona Harvey Destroying Her Mental Peace

Despite Netflix's claims of taking "reasonable precautions" to disguise identities, Laura became easily identifiable and became "collateral damage."

Yet another time, Fiona Harvey is accused of tormenting someone in real life, and it’s her former employer, Laura Wray.

Laura didn’t intend to share her story in the media, but when Harvey openly accused Laura of harassing her, Mrs. Wray changed her mind.

But first, let’s discuss a little about who Laura Wray is.

Key Takeaways

  • The 62 year-old Laura Wray is also an advocate at the Scottish Bar.
  • She obtained an interim interdict (restraining order) against Fiona Harvey in 1997 due to years of harassment and stalking.
  • The Netflix series “Baby Reindeer” reignited Laura’s trauma by depicting a character resembling Fiona Harvey as a stalker.

Laura Ray is a highly accomplished advocate at the Scottish Bar, specializing in personal injury law for over two decades.

The talented lawyer was born in 1962 and is currently 62 years old.

She is the widow of former Labour MP Jimmy Wray.

Her legal career also spans roles as a litigation partner and senior partner at the firm L&L Lawrence, which has offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Laura has handled countless complex, high-value personal injury cases representing private clients, legal aid recipients, and trade unions.

She also acts as a Scottish agent for law firms from England, Ireland, and even the United States.

Her extensive expertise is evident from her positions as an executive member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and vice-chair of the International Section of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Despite her remarkable professional achievements, Laura’s life took a dark turn when she crossed paths with Fiona Harvey, a woman who would become her dangerous stalker for years to come.

Laura Wray Felt Symphatetic Towards Fiona Harvey

While talking to Piers Morgan, she went on to detail her encounter with Fiona Harvey.

In the mid-1990s, Laura received numerous letters from Fiona desperately seeking a trainee solicitor position.

Feeling sympathetic, Laura invited Fiona for an interview and hired her despite having some initial reservations about her behavior.

However, Fiona’s true colors quickly emerged as she displayed highly inappropriate conduct at the office.

Fiona was rude to staff, shouted at people, made inappropriate advances toward a male colleague, threw a book, hit someone, and even tried to follow an employee home.

Laura had no choice but to fire Fiona after two weeks due to her inability to behave professionally.

What followed was a years-long campaign of harassment and threats from Fiona that deeply traumatized Laura and her family.

Fiona would leave scores of threatening messages on the office answering machine daily, accusing Laura of wrongdoing and vowing revenge.

She also sent defamatory faxes about Laura to other law firms.

The harassment escalated to even more disturbing levels when Fiona made false allegations to social services that Laura’s severely disabled 3-year-old son Frankie, who had a rare chromosomal disorder, was being abused.

This prompted social workers to show up at Laura’s door, deeply upsetting her.

Laura Wray Had Pressed Charges Against Fiona Harvey

Pushed to her limits, Laura obtained an interim interdict (similar to a restraining order) against Fiona from the Scottish courts in 1997.

This legally barred Fiona from contacting Laura, her husband (who was an MP at the time), or going near their family.

While Fiona had the opportunity to contest the interdict, she failed to do so, and it remained in effect for a year and a day.

Miraculously, after that period, Fiona seemingly disappeared from Laura’s life for 22 years, bringing immense relief to the family.

Baby Reindeer Affected Laura Wray As Well

However, in 2023, the psychological thriller series “Baby Reindeer” on Netflix, starring Richard Gad, brought Laura’s traumatic past back into the spotlight.

The show’s storyline, which features a character strongly resembling Fiona Harvey stalking and harassing others, struck too close to home for Laura.

Despite Netflix’s claims of taking reasonable precautions” to disguise identities, Laura became easily identifiable and became “collateral damage.”

This resurfaced her anxiety, triggered by seeing her tormenter’s likeness on-screen and reading comments from people analyzing the show.

Laura’s biggest worry? Reports that Fiona may be looking to move back to the area near Laura’s home, raising fears about potential violence from the woman Laura still considers “a dangerous stalker.

In a candid interview, Laura disproved Fiona’s denials of stalking or legal troubles, providing documentation of the interim interdict and Fiona’s failure to contest it.

She also dismissed claims that Fiona served a 4.5-year prison sentence for stalking Laura’s family, as Laura never pressed criminal charges.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Fiona Harvey has a mixed ethnicity with roots connecting to Scotland.
  • Fiona Harvey has sued Netflix for $175 million.
  • Chris Faw KC and his legal team might be representing Fiona.


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