Dark Humor, Intense Action, and Compelling Storytelling In Post-Apocalyptic LA Indeed Make Fallout Season 1 A True Masterclass: Reviews 

It stands alongside "The Last of Us" as one of the finest game adaptations ever crafted.

Fallout, produced by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Westworld, is a TV series set in the world and continuity of video games.

However, its eight-episode first season has nothing to do with any of the games you may have played. 

This implies you can jump right into the whole new cast of characters, starting with Ella Purnell‘s Lucy, without any prior experience.

She was raised in Vault 33, one of the numerous fallout shelters constructed by the Vault-Tec company more than 200 years ago, and she has never known life outside of its strikingly constructed walls made of steel and concrete.

She thus represents the resilient spirit of America prior to World War I, which has been preserved for many years in this subterranean tin can.

Watch Time50-60 Minutes
Total Episodes8
Release DateApril 10, 2024
DirectorJonathan Nolan


+ Fallout’s eight-episode first season has nothing to do with any of the games you may have played. 
+ The pilot episode of Fallout establishes a tone of dark humor within the post-apocalyptic setting of Los Angeles.
+ Its three major casts include Ella Purnell (as Lucy MacLea), Aaron Moten (as Maximus) & Kyle MacLachlan (as Hank MacLean)

In a nod to Fallout 3’s introduction, Lucy finds herself thrust into the surface world after her father (Kyle MacLachlan, aka Hank) disappears.

Despite her lack of preparedness, she embarks on an adventure into the desolate California beyond the vault’s confines.

Purnell paints Lucy as a bright spot in a dark world, bringing humor to challenging situations. But as she faces lies and danger, she grows in unexpected ways.

Even though there are scary bad guys in the series, the real enemy is the harsh wasteland. It challenges even the best people to change and survive.

Ratings & Critics

Fallout” has garnered widespread acclaim from both viewers and critics across various platforms.

The series excels in every aspect, from its cinematography to the exceptional performances delivered by each cast member.

It has an IMDb rating of 8.6 out of 10. Similarly, it boasts an impressive 94% average Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes, complemented by an 88% average audience score.

On the other hand, it has achieved a Metascore of 73, with 78% of reviews being positive, 19% mixed, and only 3% negative.

Final Verdict

Fallout” presents a vibrant and humorous take on the apocalypse, blending dark humor with intense bursts of action.

It stands alongside “The Last of Us” as one of the finest game adaptations ever crafted.

With meticulous construction, the storyline weaves seamlessly through three compelling protagonists, culminating in a thrilling finale.

Along the journey, fans are treated to a plethora of nods and Easter eggs, showcasing the impeccable production design and attention to detail.

Importantly, these references don’t alienate newcomers but enhance the experience for all.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy deliver another exceptional effort, earning “Fallout,” a resounding endorsement and a definite thumbs-up.

So, if you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumping post-apocalyptic mayhem with a generous dose of humor, this is an absolute must-watch.

Even if you’re diving in blind like I did, the show is an absolute blast.


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