Sink or Swim: A Critical Look at ‘Something In The Water’

The 2024 Something In The Water is yet another shark film with extensive CGI and a baseless plot. Don't even get me started in acting.

When it comes to scarily good horror shark flicks, none have come close to that of Spielberg’s 1975 Jaws.

Yet, every once in a while, someone tries to create a surprise hit based on our fears and fails.

I think Spielberg epitomized the genre, and no matter how hard someone tries or how good and entertaining some films are, the audiences are left unsatisfied.

Release DateMay 3, 2024
DirectorHayley Easton Street
CastHiftu Quasem, Lauren Lyle, Natalie Mitson
Runtime86 Minutes
GenreThriller, Action


A couple stumbles upon an eerie phenomenon tied to the water in the lake. Soon, the romantic retreat turns into a fight for survival.

The 2024 Something In The Water is yet another shark film with extensive CGI and a baseless plot. Don’t even get me started in acting.

Well, these are the words of some of the reviewers.

But how true are all these critics? Is it really that bad?

‘Something In The Water’ Lacks Clear Direction

With technological advancements, we’ve come far, yet people often forget how vital the overall plot of a film is.

It’s not like Hayley Easton Street (director) did not consider the story. She and writer Cat Clarke definitely attempt to be in the more thoughtful category.

Besides magnificent CGI sharks, the film also attempts to tell the story of past trauma and contains a large number of genital jokes but falls short in terms of blending the plot and twists.

Even though it attempts to be more serious with its story at times, the whole 86 minutes feel like it is just filling time without any significant substance.

If you expect a lot of shark encounters based on the ridiculous film poster, well, you won’t get it.

It comes far too late and delivers far too little.

From the genre standpoint, the film is supposed to be horrifying, but the shark itself feels silly rather than scary.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the one particular scene toward the climax when the creature repetitively comes out of the water, and the character attempts to climb to safety.

The film lacks clear direction and does not deliver real impact or tension.

But hey, on the bright side, Something In The Water is not the worst shark film out there. I’ve seen the horrible ones.

My Final Verdict

Based on my personal experience with the film, I will rank it 3.5 out of 10. The 86 minutes felt like an eternity without any horror or whatsoever.

Stream Or Skip?

My Take: Skip It


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