Denise Brown’s Appearance Sparks Weight Loss And Plastic Surgery Rumors

Denise Brown hasn't gone through any weight loss as of this writing.

Nicole’s sisters, Denise, Dominique, and Tanya Brown, came together in the recently released Lifetime documentary to reveal details about Nicole Brown’s life.

However, after looking at Nicole’s oldest sister, Denise Brown, rumors of her losing considerable weight are swirling around the internet.

But the truth is Denise Brown hasn’t gone through any weight loss.

Due to different camera angles and lighting, people might have felt like she had gone through a weight loss.

Key Takeaways

  • Denise Brown hasn’t gone through any weight loss as of this writing.
  • The veteran model likes to train every day with her trainer, Mara.
  • Her change in facial structure sparks plastic surgery rumors.

Well, Denise was practically unknown before the release of The Life And Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson. Her most notable role to date is Stephaine in Crime Defense.

She did model during her initial days and has always followed a physical routine to stay in shape, though.

The Crime Defense actress goes to the gym every day, where her trainer, Mara, helps her stay fully fit.

Besides the training, Mara also gives her tips and tricks for a healthy meal every day.

Through Denise’s Instagram we learned that she loves to bike around in her free time.

This further helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, despite not losing weight, her face has changed considerably.

What’s with that? Let’s discuss it a little.

Change In Denise Brown’s Face Sparked Plastic Surgery Rumors

Before the documentary was released, Denise Brown and her sisters gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times to give a little preview about what to expect.

After the interview was released, most fans were quick to notice that Denise Brown’s face looked strange.

So, we tallied her current and older pictures for more details about the changes.

While looking at her older pictures, we noticed she had a more rounder and fuller face shape.

On the other hand, her recent pictures suggest her jawlines and cheekbones are more defined.

This indicates a facelift.

In recent photos, even her lips appear thinner and tighter. In addition, her nose shape has a slightly upturned tip.

Her eyebrows in the recent picture are thinly arched.

All of these changes hint at plastic surgery.

However, these changes can also result from camera, background, lighting, and make-up.

And since Denise has neither denied nor confirmed these rumors, we can’t say anything for certain.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Denise’s third sister, Dominique Brown, was blessed with one son named Aaron.
  • The Brown sisters decided to make the documentary because they felt the media ignored Nicole’s story during her demise.


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