Discussing The Tragic Fate Of Lucy’s Mom Rose MacLean In Fallout

Imagine the shock on Lucy’s face when she learned that the ghoul sitting next to Moldaver was her mother.

Even the fans were overwhelmed by the fact that Lucy’s mother was not actually dead but was gholified‘.

From the very start of the season, we were told that Rose MacLean died during the Vault famine in 2277.

Key Takeaways

  • From Lucy’s early childhood, she was fed with the lies of her mother being dead.
  • In the last episode, it was revealed that Rose wasn’t actually dead but was turned into a feral ghoul.
  • Fans speculate about the romantic relationship between the Moldaver and Rose MacLean.

But that doesn’t mean Lucy and her brother Norm weren’t curious about the existence of their mother.

They frequently asked Hank, their father, about Rose, to which he always replied that he had already buried their mother.

Norm even questioned Betty to learn more about it. However, Betty told the kids that she personally buried her.

However, during the season finale, we learned that all of it was just a lie.

Then, what actually happened to Lucy’s mother, Rose? Let’s discuss it in more detail.

What Happened To Lucy’s Mother Rose In Fallout?

When the raiders first entered Vault 32, we learned that Lee Moldaver was close to Lucy’s mother, Rose.

But after seeing the flashback in the last episode, it seemed like Moldaver and Rose might have been in a relationship.

Because even after Rose turns into a ghoul, Moldaver is still merciful toward her. On the other hand, Rose also appears to be calm while sitting beside the Moldaver.

Rose met Moldaver after leaving the Vault 33.

The actual reason for Rose’s departure has yet to be revealed in the series, but in the video game, Rose grew suspicious of Hank’s line of duty.

After that, she takes her children and lives in the Shady Sands, where she met Moldaver.

This makes Hank furious, and he destroys the Shady Sands.

During that process, Rose turns into a feral ghoul.

This condition of hers makes Lucy sad, and she ends up mercy-killing her own mother with 10mm.

Now, what’s gonna happen next is yet to be revealed.

And to know about all we can do is wait for the next season of Fallout.


Who Plays The Role Of Lucy’s Mom Rose In Fallout?

The role of Young Rose was played by the actress Elle Vertes, and when she turned into a feral ghoul, the actress Chelsea Reuter played her role.

How Did Lee Moldaver Get Into Vault 32?

Lee Moldaver got into the Vault 32 by using the Rose’s Pip-boy.

Who Is Betty In Fallout?

Betty was the original resident of the Vault 11 and was the wife of the overseer of the Vault.

Who Is Lee Moldaver In Fallout?

Lee Moldaver is a scientist who is prayed in the Vault 4 and is one of the main antagonists in the Fallout Series.

Where Is Vault 33 In Fallout?

Vault 33 is in the middle of Vault 31 and Vault 34 and is directly connected to Vault 32. It was built in California.


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