How Did The Raiders Get Into Vault 32? Debunking The Mystery: Spoilers!!

Undoubtedly, Fallout is one of the best series to come out in 2024. With its unique storyline and excellent cast, it has won the hearts of every cinephile around the world.

If you haven’t watched it yet, then we urge you to watch this incredible series this weekend.

Let us give you a quick review of the series. Fallout is filled with Dark Humor and Intense Action.

After watching its first season, you are bound to have a lot of questions in your mind that will only be answered in the next season of Fallout.

However, some of the questions are answered in the first season itself. But you will only notice it after watching the series multiple times.

Every fan had one question: How did the raiders get into vault 32 ?

And you might be amazed that this mystery has already been solved in episode 4 of season 1.

From here on, we will give you lots of spoilers, so before continuing this article, we recommend you watch the series first.

Key Takeaways

  • Lee Moldaver survived for more than 200 years and was really close to Rose MacLean.
  • Going into Vault 32 was only possible with Rose’s Pip-Boy.
  • Raider got into Vault 32 with the help of Rose’s Pip-boy

How Did The Raiders Get Into Vault 32?

Before answering that question, you must know who Lee Moldaver is in the series.

Lee Moldaver was initially introduced as the raider in the series. The character played by Sarita Choudhury has survived for more than 219 years in the series.

In Vault 4, she is worshipped like a godly figure and is nicknamed Flame Mother.

Moldaver is probably one of the most influential humans who have survived every incident in the Fallout verse. 

How she managed to survive is still a mystery, and we hope that it will be uncovered in season 2.

In the series, it is revealed that Moldaver is actually really close to the Rose MacLean.

Rose was a human born in Vault 33 who married Hank and was mother to Lucy and Norm.

Initially, Rose was human, and later, she was turned into a ghoul. During the Brotherhood attack, she was killed out of mercy by her daughter.

Sneaking into the Vault 32 was only possible by using someone’s Pip-boy.

Moldover, Rose’s close friend, had access to her Pip-boy, which she gave to her raiders.

So yeah, by using the Rose’s Pip-Boy, raiders got into the Vault 32.

After getting approval for an inter-Vault marriage ceremony with a Vault 32 dweller, the doors to the Vault 33 were also opened.


What Happened In Vault 17?

Master’s army captured the Vault 17 and kidnapped Lily and many other Dwellers.

What Happened In Vault 34?

In Vault 34, the reactors started malfunctioning, turning all the dwellers into ghouls and, later, ferals.

Which Vault Has Dead NCR Soldiers?

Vault 11 hosts all the dead NCR soldiers.

Who Left Vault 101?

The Lone Wanderer left the Vault 101 and entered the capital wasteland.

Did Anyone Survive In Vault 11?

Yes, Vault 11 had only 5 survivors left.


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