Jackee Harry And Kym Whitley Shares A Beautiful Relationship Despite Not Being Related

The brilliant actress first encountered with each other during the taping of the classic sitcom 227.

After seeing Jackee Harry and Kym Whitley, the first question that came into our minds was, are they twin sisters?

If not, then we thought they would definitely have a familial bond.

But to our surprise, despite having similar faces, these actresses weren’t related.

In fact there is no familial connection between both of these actors.

Key Takeaways

  • Kim Whitley and Jackee Harry aren’t related by blood, as they have different parents.
  • Initially, Jackee doesn’t like Whitley, and her real sister even threatens Whitley.
  • After taking advice from Gibbs, they both worked on their relationship and found a beautiful bond.

First up, let us give you guys a quick intro to both of these actresses.

Ohio native Kym Whitley was born to Kaysonia Whitley(mother) and William Whitley(father). Her father was a partner in the black architectural firm Whitley and Whitley at the time.

Besides that, she has two older brothers named Kyle and Scott.

On the other hand, the North Carolina native Jackee Harry was raised by her mother, Flossie Harry.

Later, for the sake of having a good life, Jackie and her mother shifted to New York.

While doing our research, we didn’t see any connection between their families, so we concluded that they aren’t related by blood.

However, that doesn’t mean these two aren’t close to one another.

In fact, it is safe to say that both of these actors are actually real-life BFFs.

Jackee Harry Didn’t Like Kym Whitley At First

The brilliant actress first encountered each other during the taping of the classic sitcom 227.

During the sitcom’s shooting, Kym Whitley was present as an audience member, and then she was spotted by Simone Sheffield, Stevie Wonder’s manager.

At first, the production team thought Kym might be Jackie’s sister. But after chatting with Kym, they realized that wasn’t the case.

Then, the production team instantly hired Whitley as her body double.

Now, after realizing that, one might think they instantly formed a bond. However, that wasn’t the case.

While talking about it, Whitley said:

Jackeé did not like it. Let’s just go ahead and be honest: Jackeé did not like me looking like her. But I can’t change my face, Jackeé! This is what I got–this is my face; I look like you, okay? You look like me.

At one point in time, Jackie’s sister even threatened Whitley with harming her.

But then, Whitley met Marla Gibbs, who suggested she stand up for herself.

At first, Kym didn’t follow through on Marla’s wisdom. But later, those words built a foundation for their friendship.

Now, the actresses are inseparable. They have built a friendship that will last a lifetime.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Kym Whitley teamed up with incredible Lena Waithe for an Audible comedy series called Kym.
  • Jackee Harry suggested Kym get her own brand.


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