The Untold Secrets Of Kelly Ellard’s Family

But even after being in different phases of life, Kelly's family came together during the court's proceedings.

Kelly Ellard displayed early signs of criminal behavior, but unfortunately, her parents and family failed to recognize them.

After the release of the 2024 mini-series Under The Bridge, the crimes committed by Kelly came to the limelight again.

However, many people may not be aware that this was not the first time she inflicted pain on an innocent soul.

Key Takeaways

  • Kelly Ellard didn’t notice the early signs of her having a violent mindset.
  • Her parents, Susan and Lawrence, were present at the court.
  • Her grandmother was in disbelief when the news broke out.

Before this infamous case, she and her friend C.K. had reportedly lured a 15-year-old girl into the conversation and beat her behind their school.

Furthermore, to humiliate her, they also cut her hair and burned it.

After that, they threatened the poor girl not to tell anyone about this incident.

With terror in her mind, the girl never complained and silently left the school.

Besides that, Ellard was also caught drinking alcohol in her school’s toilet.

After finding out about it, the school authority informed her family, and she was suspended.

But since Kelly almost died during her birth, her household had immense love for her. So, they didn’t react harshly to this incident.

Unlike many of Shoreline Six, Kelly didn’t have a particularly bad childhood though.

In fact, her grandfather, Patterson, was one of the wealthiest people in the community.

From a very young age, her family allowed her to participate in many activities, such as horse riding and painting.

They even allowed her to join the Girl Scouts, which aimed to teach her how real life worked.

However, the result didn’t turn out to be fruitful for her.

In fact, as per her neighbors, Kelly grew violent with age and used to decapitate the dolls during her childhood.

And later on in life, she committed a heinous crime that destroyed her life.

But even during that difficult time, her parents were there to show some support.

Kelly Ellard’s Parents Were Emotionally Drained After The Hearing

Kelly’s parents were Susan Pakos (mother) and Lawrence Ellard (father).

When Ellard was just 8 years old, her parents parted ways.

But even though they were in different phases of life, Kelly’s family came together during the court proceedings. They sat in the public chamber two rows behind Kelly.

Not just them, even Kelly’s stepdad, George Pakos, was there to support her. The helpless parents had little hope that the decision would favor their daughter.

But when they saw Reena’s mother, they were ashamed and couldn’t see her with straight eyes. However, Reena’s mother, being the greater person, hugged them as well.

In addition to that, Susan worked in a city hall during those days, so the incident was even more shameful for her.

But even after all the support, the court went against their daughter.

And, with a heavy heart, she called her family and said their favorite child, Kelly, was going to jail.

Kelly’s Grandmother Was In Disbelief

When the news came out, Helen Sims, Kelly’s grandmother, was in the market. Few people talked about her in the market, but she firmly believed in her granddaughter.

She believed Kelly might have thrown a punch or two, but she wouldn’t have heavily damaged anyone.

But when the final verdict came out, she was in disbelief about what had happened.

And when she talked with Virk’s grandmother, she came to know that both of them had lost their grandchild.

Kelly Got Pregnant And Has Two Kids

Back when Kelly was on parole, she got close to a guy named Darwin Dorozan.

Darwin was also a criminal who was serving a sentence for breaking into homes and stealing things. He did all that to fund his heroin addiction.

Soon after, he made Kelly pregnant.

The couple didn’t marry, and Kelly was denied having a husband. Like Warren, she had no love life whatsoever.

But soon after, they parted ways, and now Kelly is a single mother raising her child.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Kelly has claimed that she might be too immature to be out on parole.
  • The convicted criminal thinks the show defamed her.


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